Located several kilometers from the World Trade Center, the New York offices of BNP Paribas, which house 1,200 employees, did not experience any material damage. Upon the announcement of the attacks, Michel Pébereau ordered a crisis task force in New York and in Paris to locate all of the employees of the group who could have been in the area at the time of the tragedy and, thus, be in a position to respond to possible concerns from relatives.

At this time, it seems likely that no one in our group has become a direct victim of these monstrous crimes. The BNP Paribas offices in the US are operational. The entire group is at the service of its teams, clients and partners to assist in overcoming this tragedy in human terms and guarantee the continuity of economic activities.

Michel Pébereau, in the name of the entire group, has sent a message of solidarity and sympathy to employees working in the US, their families and those close to them. He also stressed that the thoughts of our group are with our friends in the American financial community. He addressed messages of sympathy and offered his assistance to the managers of those institutions that appear to be strongly affected.

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