The arrival of "in-app commerce": a complete shopping experience seamlessly integrated in the various apps on your smartphone. That's what BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgacom and Accenture say the future holds for Belgian merchants and consumers.

This first 'in-app commerce' solution will be based on a true Belgian mobile wallet that integrates mobile payments, virtual ticketing, e-couponing and loyalty programmes with great convenience and high security. Launched by BNP Paribas Fortis and Belgacom, the pilot is planned for the end of 2013 with full rollout in spring 2014.

This innovation is unique in the market as it is the first time that the whole shopping experience gets integrated and can be organized within any merchant app. This creates the possibility for merchants to offer their customers a simple and secure full in-app sales. For the consumers, they can easily enroll and make free use of their unique mobile identity and wallet across all participating merchant apps.

In addition, the Belgian Mobile Wallet is based on an open eco-system and is accessible to any Belgian smartphone user with a bank/credit card from any Belgian bank and a mobile data plan from any Belgian Mobile operator.

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