EcoTV WEEK - Does union still make strengh ?
Caroline Newhouse, économiste OECD

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Editorial: Fragile moments

Greece votes to decide on its future in the euro
Spain under big pressure
What does Germany wants ?

Overview: Does the union still make strength?
The euro zone crisis is managed on a day to day approach, while it needs a long term vision.

US: The world according to Ben

Data released this week were consistent with a slowing economy in a context of abating price pressures.

Italy: La dolce vita is gone

Italian figures were highly disappointing in the first quarter of this year. GDP fell by 0.8% q/q after contracting by 0.7% q/q over the previous quarter and recorded a third consecutive quarterly fall.

Focus 1: What does the plan for Spain involve?

Why has Spain come to ask for European aid ? Who is funding whom? What conditions are attached to European aid?

Focus 2: Cyprus - Greek torment

In recession and forced to recapitalize its banking system, Cyprus should be the next euro zone member to ask for European aid.

Focus 3: Germany - TARGET account, the other side of the mirror

The Bundesbank's position relative to Eurosystem reached EUR644 bn in April.

EcoWeek June 15
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