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BNP Paribas captures the change on Instagram

In the spirit of BNP Paribas, the bank for a changing world, the Group’s Instagram account aims to capture the changes that are taking place around the world and in people’s daily lives. Its focus is on new ways of working, moving, entertaining, producing, consuming, and living. 

#CaptureTheChange is a photographic project by BNP Paribas that works with you to capture the changing world.

Each month, an influential Instagrammer is invited to be the guest photographer for the account, to share his or her own vision of change.
From Neriad to Matteo Acitelli, Jessamine, and Neil Andrews, these new influencers are offering a personal impression of the changes that are affecting our era.

And you can participate in this photographic project as well! The BNP Paribas account is open to everyone who wants to capture the changes that are happening around them and to contribute their photos. All they need to do is to include the #CaptureTheChange hashtag in their Instagram posts. The best of them will be included on the @bnpparibas account.

See you soon on Instagram, to capture the change!

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