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BNP Paribas gives authorised Payment Service Providers access to its PSD2 APIs


In the scope of the 2nd European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), BNP Paribas APIs are available in a test environment since March 2019.Access to these APIs is reserved for Payment Service Providers (PSP) that received authorisation from their competent national authority in an EU Member State. 

The APIs can be accessed on the BNP Paribas API Store Portal at https://apistore.bnpparibas/home

The publicly accessible online portable sets out the content and documentation of the API and enables you to contact BNP Paribas to get access to the APIs or ask questions. API Store shows all the PSD2 APIs for France (Retail and Corporate), Belgium (Corporate) and CIB Europe (Corporate). APIs offered by other Group entities are already locally available and will in time be listed in the API Store as well. 

API Store BNP Paribas


Discover the APIs offered by the BNP Paribas Group to expand your offerings and create new services for your clients.

API Store BNP Paribas

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