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BNP Paribas at VIVA Technology 2024: discover the programme!

From 22 to 25 May, VIVA Technology, Europe's largest technology event, will bring together business and innovation at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. As a founding partner, BNP Paribas will be present at this 8th edition. It’s an opportunity to show how we support our customers by offering innovative solutions based on the best technologies, focusing on 3 main themes: Cyber, Mobility and Payments.

AI at the heart of the VIVA Tech 2024 programme

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic that will occupy a central place in the key themes of this year’s event, alongside Mobility and Responsible Tech. Nearly 40% of partners attending the event will be offering AI-based solutions in a dedicated area: the AI Mile. No fewer than 25 business sectors will be represented at the event, demonstrating that AI is everywhere and that its many applications are driving innovation.In terms of the countries represented, the organisers are forecasting a 30% increase in the number of European countries compared with 2023, with over 120 countries and 40 pavilions in all. This year, the United Kingdom and Canada will be in attendance.

After Korea in 2023, Japan will be in the spotlight this year. Designated Country of the Year, Japan is one of the world leaders in innovation and disruptive technologies. The Society 5.0 programme, which represents the Group’s vision of how society should evolve, and which aims to place innovation, and specifically AI, at the heart of societal challenges, is an excellent illustration of this. The aim is to increase the number of unicorns and start-ups by a factor of 10 in 5 years.

In the field of Mobility innovations, enthusiasts of futuristic motor vehicles will have the opportunity to view a sneak preview of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s electric pick-up, not yet available in Europe.

Finally, 1,500 square metres - 10% of VIVA Technology’s exhibition space - will be devoted to Responsible Tech, including the Impact Bridge, where all players involved in technology with a positive impact on society and the planet will be able to meet.

Discover the full programme of the event on the VIVA Technology website

"IN TECH WE TRUST", technology, a strategic challenge for BNP Paribas

Technology is one of the 3 pillars of our GTS 2025 Strategic Plan. For BNP Paribas, this VIVA 8th edition is an opportunity to assert its European leadership in supporting and financing players in the tech sector. BNP Paribas has built up a solid ecosystem around Tech, to decipher and anticipate trends and uses, in order to provide all its business and individual customers with innovative offers and services.  

The programme of BNP Paribas’ B-to-B days at VIVA Technology focuses on three key themes for the Group: Cyber, Mobility and Payments. Several start-ups and innovative fintechs with which our divisions (Commercial, Personal Banking Services, Corporate & Institutional Banking and Investment & Protection Services) collaborate and/or which we support will be present in our Lab to illustrate these topics.

Throughout the event, visitors, professionals, partners and the general public will be greeted by GALA and KAT, two interactive robots created by Eventbot. GALA, located in the reception area, will be able to announce all the events scheduled for the day and guide visitors through the lab. KAT, meanwhile, is a robot dedicated to our reception area, able to distribute drinks, business cards and more!

BNP Paribas' agenda at à VIVA Technology 2024 

Each day has its own theme, and visitors will be able to attend start-up pitches, conferences and demos... Here are some of the highlights of the programme: 

      Wednesday 22 May

CYBER DAY / Anticipating risks 

The startups invited :

  • Mistral AI the French startup, one of the leaders in Europe, valued at 2 billion dollars
  • ASTRAN, offering a secure cloud 
  • ANOZR WAY, integrating AI to protect against cyber risks
  • QUANTEXA, a British startup that uses data and AI to combat risk, fraud and financial crime, among other things

    Highlights of 22 May
    -2:45 pm: Sophie HELLER, Chief Operating Officer of Commercial & Personal Banking Services BNP Paribas, takes part in a panel discussion on “Personalising the customer experience with AI”.
    -11:45 am: Antoine SIRE, Head of Corporate Engagement at BNP Paribas, and Dominique FLEURY, Head of IT Payment Services at BNP Paribas, will be taking part in the conference: “When cybersecurity becomes an issue of social inclusion” with the WOGITECH collective.  
    -13:15 pm: Pierre RUHLMANN, French Retail Banking COO, will participate to a round table on the theme " Executives, a prime target for cyber attacks".

Thursday 23 May

MOBILITY DAY / Innovative and more sustainable solutions

The startups invited :

  • FIFTEEN, seeking to facilitate the transition from car to bicycle with a fleet of 50,000 bicycles
  • WISE INTEGRATION, enabling manufacturers to produce more compact chargers that consume less energy
  • CLEANMOB, a solution to enable companies to decarbonise their car fleets
  • NEPTECH, offering public transport and freight vessels that run on hydrogen and electric batteries.
  Highlights of  23 May:

-11:30 am: Demo of WIRED, a city data visualisation platform that helps companies decide where to locate, based on the carbon footprint of transport for employees and transport times, with Florian COURET-GINOUX, Chief Innovation Officer, BNP Paribas Real Estate

-14:15: "Can a cyclist and driver fall in love?" with Julie HUYGHUES DESPOINTES, ARVAL and Vincent CABANES, Ridecell.

-15.pm: "Beyond e-vehicles, building up an ecosystem to sustain Corporate & clients’ energy transition?" with Marie-Frédérique GERMAIN (BNP Paribas Personal Finance), Ivan BAICHMAN (ARVAL) de Arval and Ouafae COHIN, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions.

-15:20: Laurent DAVID, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, BNP Paribas, will be speaking at a conference on "How technology transforms finance?"

-4.35pm : Sofia MERLO, Head of Human Resources at BNP Paribas, will be speaking  at a conference on "The impact of AI on jobs" which will take place on the Bouygues stand  

Friday 24 May

PAYMENTS DAY / Innovative and secure solutions

The startups invited :

  • 1POINT6 (formerly Panto), this fintech’s expertise focuses on payment solutions for marketplaces  
  • FINENSE, a payment card that lets you entrust money to a third party
  • FLOWIE, online invoicing and electronic invoicing solution
  • CARBONPLACE, (United-Kingdom), a platform that connects buyers and sellers of carbon credits through their banks.

Highlights of 24 May:

-10:15 am Everything you need to know about plug & payment in Microsoft Teams 

-10:45 am: Tap to Pay demo 

-2 pm: Thomas COURTOIS, Chairman of Nickel, will be taking part in the conference on "Technology at the service of innovation for all"What are the next challenges for NiCKEL?

-3 pm: José SALOIO, Managing Director of Floa presents the”Trade In”, financing offer, which combines Tech and CSR. FLOA, the leader in the split payment market.

VIVA Technology 2024: Programme for saturday 25 May, general public day

On Saturday 25 May, it will be the turn of the general public, young people and innovation enthusiasts to wander the aisles of VIVA Technology for a day specially dedicated to them. This year’s programme includes a host of entertainment and gaming experiences, with a particular focus on e-sports. And for those of you who want to get a feel for how AI could change your daily life and learn more about its many applications, the organisers have arranged a meeting in AI Avenue

Link to VIVA Technology programme for 25 may

BNP Paribas, a tech attractive bank 

BNP Paribas is devoting the public day on 25 May to showcasing its business lines and the opportunities available to tech talent. Based on the observation that there is a lack of understanding of technology, the challenge is to demonstrate that BNP Paribas is a “tech attractive bank”. The presence of our AI and Cyber experts, who will be sharing their professional experience, will help to raise awareness of the opportunities in this field among all sections of the public, and will undoubtedly encourage people to take up careers in the sector. Mentoring sessions and fun activities to develop your soft skills will round off the visit. Finally, you may have already tried it out on our stand in 2023, but the #UnexpectedJobs kiosk is back, specially customised this year to focus on IT jobs!

      Samedi 25 mai

BNP Paribas, a tech attractive bank

Highlights25 May :

-10:30 am: Presentation of the BNP Paribas Graduate Programme
-11:15 am: Tech jobs in banking
-12:15 pm and 12.45 pm: Tech your Job with the game Overcooked. By simulating a kitchen brigade, this game reveals the “soft skills” of participants and brings out the personalities in each of them.
-2 pm: B School by BNP Paribas: presentation of the BNP Paribas apprentice training centre, including a testimonial from a student who will be sharing his experience, his projects and how he is developing within our school, etc 

Finally, the WoGiTech collective (Women & Girls in Tech), which works to accelerate gender equality in Tech, will, as it does every year, be putting on events to encourage girls and women to feel they have a right to choose a career in the digital sector.

Discover The Digital Collage with BNP Paribas

To raise public awareness of the environmental challenges posed by digital technology, BNP Paribas is inviting visitors to take part in a digital fresk (fresque). In our LAB, a “fresqueur” member of staff will provide an overview of this engaging, collaborative workshop and explain how you can secure a place on one of the three teams that will be formed and invited to a third Act For Impact BNP Paribas venue on Place des Fêtes in Paris in the near future.

Would you like to create a Digital Collage? Meet us on Saturday 25 May on the BNP Paribas stand 

#BNPPforTech: Stay tuned to the BNP Paribas social networks to follow VIVA Technology live!

The 8th edition of VIVA Technology, which is now positioned as the “European CES”, is already shaping up to be an inspiring and experiential event for all innovation enthusiasts. The presence of BNP Paribas, a key player in the European Tech ecosystem, demonstrates the Group’s ability to innovate and support innovation.

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