The BNL BNP Paribas Group’s partnership with Telethon is one of the major fund-raising projects in Europe: for over 20 years the bank has worked alongside the Telethon Foundation, the non-profit organisation raising funds to support scientific research into genetic diseases, sharing values ​​and a mission.

The results: the profitable collaboration between BNL and Telethon since 1992 has raiseda total of EUR 245 million. This result has raised thanks to the contribution of 20,000 BNP Paribas employees in Italy.

BNL for Telethon

Everyone was involved as volunteers in organising over 1,000 events the length and breadth of Italy. Thanks to the funds raised in recent years, Telethon has been able to fund 1,547 researchers for more than 2,500 research projects covering 450 genetic diseases.

The 2014 Telethon Marathon will held from the 12th to the 14th December and will broadcasted through RAI’s networks.

BNL branches across the country will remain open on Friday evening after 17:00 and all day Saturday.
BNL has organized around a thousand cultural, art, music, entertainment and sports events across Italy to raise awareness of genetic illnesses among the Italian public.

BNL organises fund-raising events and makes available all its channels to anyone wanting to continue to donate (branches, ATMs, freephone and website).

New ways to donate this year:

  • Payback will donate 1 euro to Telethon for each new Payback loyalty card BNL emitted from 8 to 31 December
  • BNL and BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking will donate to Telethon 1 euro for every 100 invested in Certificate from 1 to 19 December
  • Hello Bank!, BNL’s digital bank will donate 150 euro in favor of Telethon for each account opened by December 15
BNL’s commitment to Telethon continues all year round with:
  • EduCare and BNL per Telethon, a series of seminars to raise awareness to the Telethon project and create a partnership between businesses and scientific research;
  • BNL per Telethon a Scuola, to involve more young people;
  • BNL per Telethon all'Opera, a series of representations of the most famous operas organized in major theaters of Italy;
  • BNL per Telethon in Scena, for theatrical representations;
  • BNL per Mostra for art exhibitions.

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