EduCare, a financial education programme lanched by BNL in 2008, brought together 11,358 attendees on 20 March 2013 for the first-ever EduCare Day. More than 1,500 employees, 500 branches and 300 cities nationwide took part in this one-day “Financial Coaching” event, a first in Italy.

The project aims to provide free and informative coaching on key financial topics to the general public. Customer service, innovation and social responsibility are the main keywords of this programme.

In 2012, EduCare became more “social” with the creation of a page on Facebook which has more than 27.000 followers, a Twitter account and a new 2.0 Internet portal. A blog was also created, covering financial and economic topics on a weekly basis.

In 2013, BNL's centenary year, the first EduCare day, an entire day dedicated to financial education was held. More than 500 BNL branches organised a one-day event with seminars and free courses aimed at prospects and clients across Italy. In parallel, seminars were held in associations and schools. 1,500 employees devoted their time and shared their knowledge, and a total of 11,358 participants across the country including more than 1,000 students—a turnout that largely exceeded expectations.

The different themes covered included:
- Multichannel banking
- Savings and investments
- Understanding insurance policies
- New technologies and digital payments
- Financing personal projects
- Obtaining financing for SMEs
- Tools for expanding SMEs at the international level

Against a difficult economic backdrop, BNL demonstrates a real commitment to its clients by helping them to make the right choices, and by showing that BNL is different from any other bank in Italy.

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