The “EduCare” programme is a financial education project created by BNL in 2008. The second EduCare Day, held on 27 November, brought together more than 4,000 participants, including some 1,200 entrepreneurs, 140 BNL branches and 51 Creo centres.
EduCare Day BNL

BNL's EduCare project organises free informational courses covering key questions relating to the financial sector. Customer service, innovation and social responsibility are the cornerstones of the programme.

Topics revolve around issues that affect businesses, such as access to credit for SMEs, agricultural and green energy loans, corporate networks, and financial instruments for international trade.

A seminar for journalists specialising in the digital economy was also held in each of BNL's regional branches, entitled “The Internet has changed the world. The Digital Bank: new relationships, new behaviours, new ways to manage money”.

“Finance and the economy are increasingly connected with digital developments, and we need to analyse the extent and the speed of this revolution. EduCare Day is a major opportunity for us to address the changes in customer behaviour and to understand how new modes of interaction between the bank and its customers (influenced by technological progress) can be integrated with the traditional approach to customer relationships”, said Fabio Gallia, CEO of BNL.

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