The BNL BNP Paribas Group and Confagricoltura have set up a partnership aimed at supporting agricultural enterprises engaged in consolidation and development projects: this represents one of the most important national agreements stipulated between a bank and the most representative organization amongst the Italian agricultural companies.

BNL is providing funds, amounting to a maximum of 1 billion Euros, destined for all associated companies of the 19 regional Federations, the 95 provincial branches and the hundreds of municipal centres through which Confagricoltura operates in Italy.

The agreement has been signed by BNL's CEO, Fabio Gallia, and by the Chairman of Confagricoltura, Mario Guidi. BNL's Chairman, Luigi Abete was also present at the meeting.

With this initiative, BNL and Confagricoltura hopes to improve the production capacity, efficiency and competitive edge of agricultural companies, by supporting them in their investments for both tangible and intangible fixed assets, in maintaining financial balance and by providing a response to their funding requirements, also thanks to a dedicated procedure for obtaining credit lines.

In more detail, the Bank offers a broad-based and detailed platform of solutions to meet the need for short-term loans, with a view to providing investment programmes relative to the production cycle; medium-long term agricultural loans for financing improvements; agricultural loans for debt extinguishment; real estate and equipment leasing; loans for purchasing or building photovoltaic systems or destined for the import-export business of agricultural firms.

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