CGEM labelBMCI is the first bank in Morocco to receive the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) label, issued on 9 October by the CGEM Label awards committee.

The CSR policy implemented by BMCI, which follows the model of the BNP Paribas Group, demonstrates this same level of dedication to being a responsible and committed economic player in regard to its social and economic environment

The aim of the CGEM CSR label is to encourage Moroccan firms to commit to adopting a corporate social responsibility approach in their management strategies, taking into account the needs and interests of their various internal and external stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, communities, shareholders, and others.

Mindful of its responsibilities to its employees, customers, and to society as a whole, BMCI has launched a CSR approach founded on four key pillars: its economic, social, civic, and environmental responsibilities. This approach will give structure to activities that the Bank has already had in place for many years, in particular its performance of its civic responsibilities with the BMCI Foundation, as well as developing new ones, primarily in the field of sustainable development and environmental responsibility.

BMCI CSR poster

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