On January 16th, 2013 BNP Paribas Cardif in Italy was awarded for the second consecutive year by Unioncamere Lombardia - the association of the twelve Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy supporting the development of enterprises operating in the region – amongst the companies in the Lombardia region standing out in 2012 for its “CSR Best practices”.

This year's renewed recognition goes under the “Best CSR Practices Grow” category and states the strengthening of Cardif Italy CSR commitment.

The ceremony took place after a selection path which included the presentation of applications through an official announcement of a public examination and the evaluation of a Technical Committee represented by Unioncamere Lombardia and Camera di Commercio Milano (CSR Front Office).

Cardif Italy presented two significant CSR projects of 2012: the “Online Training Pill dedicated to Loans and Insurance”“Online Training Pill dedicated to Loans and Insurance”, developed in cooperation with Findomestic, and “WE CARE”, the initiative launched in partnership with O.N.Da (Osservatorio Nazionale sulla salute della Donna – National Observatory on Women's Health).

The award recognizes the strengthening of Cardif Italy CSR Best practices in 2012, in particular in the following fields of commitment:

- Quality of work and relations with employees
- Environmental sustainability projects
- Quality of relations with suppliers, clients and consumers

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