The bank for a changing world

Founded in 1962, Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l'Industrie du Sénégal (BICIS) recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.
BICIS is 54-percent held by the Group and is solidly positioned as the banking partner of major Senegalese companies. It has recently expanded its franchise in the retail sector by developing a network of local branches, and by signing agreements with both state-sector organizations (customs office, the army and the gendarmerie) and private-sector partners.

As the leader in the market, BICIS is proactively driving penetration of banking products in the country. BICIS is working with the other BICI banks to build a shared identity in order to unify organizations and pool resources.

Among its key priorities are the development of online banking and credit card systems, which should lead to higher return on equity.

Key figures
BICIS counts 350 employees and 70,000 customers, including 1,800 businesses. It has 2001 net income of 4.202 billion CFA francs. (6.41 millions euros)
Press contact(s)
Bocar Niang, Head of Communications
nbocar [at] bicis (dot) sn

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