This year, the Observatoire Cetelem is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It’s an opportunity to discover or rediscover 30 years of consumption and automotive research studies, focusing closely on consumers.

Observatoire CetelemCetelem, Europe’s leading player in consumer lending in France and Europe, launched the Observatoire Cetelem in the 1980s. With its proven track record, this research and watch unit decrypts the changes in the consumer and automotive sectors. It’s a resource of information and ideas for the use of companies operating in these markets.

Today, the Observatoire Cetelem has offices in 12 European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland and Romania), Turkey (automotive market), and Russia, as well as in Brazil. Its research is based on consulting the true arbiter of every market – the consumer. Accordingly, each year the Cetelem Observatory interviews thousands of people as representative samples of the national populations and produces analyses of the qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in each country.

All of these studies are conducted in partnership with the research and consulting firm BIPE, based on a barometric survey carried out on the ground by TNS Sofres.

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>> Watch the interview with Flavien Neuvy, Director of the Observatoire Cetelem:

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