With a total of 91 ISO certifications (all standards), BNP Paribas Group remains the leader in ISO 9001 certification within the banking and Insurance domain:

• 67 ISO 9001 certifications: more than 8% of employees in the group are working in an environment certified ISO 9001,

• 13 ISO 14001 certifications (environmental management system)

• 6 ISO 20000 certifications (IT service management)

• 3 ISO 27001 certifications (IT Information Security management System)

• 2 OH&S 18001 certification (Occupational Health & Safety management System)

In 2012, BNP Paribas was awarded 22 ISO certification renewals and 5 new certifications.

Regarding ISO models

The ISO 9001 model is a quality management system aimed at customer satisfaction.
It is an international standard awarded by an independent organisation, which deals with the organisational tools to be introduced within an organisation at managerial level (companies, local authorities, etc.) in order to improve customer satisfaction:

• by responding to their requirements as well as applicable regulatory requirements,
• by continuously improving performance in this regard.

For companies, widespread adoption of ISO standards on a global scale allows them to base the development of their products and services on specifications that are widely recognised in their sectors. As such, this certification provides them with an important competitive advantage at commercial level.

For their clients, conformity of products and services to international standards provides a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability. They also benefit from the effects of competition between suppliers.

The ISO 14001 model is the international standard in environmental management and enables an organisation:

• to reduce to a minimum the damaging effects of its business on the environment,
• to achieve a continual improvement in its environmental performance.

The ISO 20000 model is the international standard for IT services management: it is aimed at organisations responsible for the production and supply of IT services.

The standard is largely based on the ITIL best practices model (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which has become the standard in terms of IT systems and services management.

The ISO 27001 model is the international standard of management system about of the IT security, in terms of awakening of the risks and installation of procedures for the IT security management.

The OH&S 18001 model has as an aim a rigorous and efficient management of health and safety with work.

ISO certification is awarded by an independent organisation for a period of 3 years, and undergoes a renewal audit at the end of its term.

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