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See the 2018 Integrated Report from BNP Paribas

The Integrated Report of BNP Paribas illustrates how we combine company performance and creation of sustainable value, in response to economic, technological and societal changes in our environment.

2018 Integrated Report - Key elements

BNP Paribas aspires to meet the highest standards in reporting and with this document publishes its first integrated report. This report covers 2018 and expresses the Group’s aim to be a bank that supports the economy, serves its clients and is engaged with society. It also shows how the Group is creating short-, medium- and long-term value through collaboration with stakeholders.

The ambition of the Integrated Report is to highlight the relationships established by BNP Paribas with its ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders. It is also to share the forward-looking vision that underpins the strategic orientations taken by the Group as part of its 2020 plan. 

Our Integrated Report largely reflects the way in which the Group is transforming and adapting its business model. BNP Paribas conducts differentiated development strategies in its operating divisions, while incorporating a number of CSR commitments, in order to meet its customers' expectations and increase its positive impact on society by promoting the emergence of more balanced and inclusive growth. This Report illustrates the way in which we combine corporate performance and sustainable value creation, in response to the economic, technological and societal changes in our environment.

Our Integrated Report is built around 4 chapters:

  • Build sustainable performance by integrating the changes in our environment; 
  • Create value for our clients through our integrated, diversified model, based on cooperation between business lines;
  • Foster useful innovation and develop positive impact solutions, serving sustainable growth;
  • Share a culture of ethics and responsibility in the day-to-day conduct of our businesses.

Available in French, English and Dutch versions, the Integrated Report  is a privileged medium for providing information on the strategic vision and the value creation model of BNP Paribas.

2018 Integrated Report

Also see the dedicated website for BNP Paribas' 2018 Integrated Report.


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