In a changing world, a bank must be able to decipher developments and help its clients at the heart of this transformation. The BNP Paribas 2014 Annual Report, " New Dynamics " consists of 4 chapters that illustrate this approach:

  • Understand the world and its evolution
  • Progress in our methods
  • Act to better serve our clients
  • Participate in the initiatives that inspire us

BNP Paribas 2014 Annual Report

This year BNP Paribas chose to use the smartphone to illustrate its Annual Report. Employees were invited to send photos of their working environments, everywhere in the world where the Group is present.

These photos show the huge diversity within our Group. BNP Paribas is above all made up of men and women who serve clients, and the 2014 Annual Report honours them by putting the human element at the heart of its success.

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