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Serving up aces to support children’s hospitals

Mélanie Martin
Mélanie Martin
Sponsoring Communication Manager

For more than 40 years, BNP Paribas has been the world’s leading tennis sponsor at every level of the sport (professional, amateur, wheelchair). We have made it our priority to develop a solidarity program to further build on our position as a committed and loyal sponsor. That is why we created “Aces du Cœur”, a program to support hospitalized children.

Why did you choose this cause?

Every charity cause deserves attention, but we still have to make a choice. Tennis, like every other professional sport, embodies mental strength in the face of adversity. Every day, tennis champions give us a stunning reminder of how they never give up, no matter how much they have to sacrifice. It’s this mindset that we wanted to share with sick children in hospitals. We also wanted to give them a chance to escape their hospital settings for an afternoon of fun, entertainment and interaction by watching tennis matches and meeting professional players.

“ Thanks to all your team for putting together such a memorable day for the children. They enjoyed the outing and it was a breath of fresh air in their lives, which is not always easy ”

Benedicte Jobert, coordinator, R Debre

In addition, we also know that hospitals have enormous needs in terms of equipment, construction and renovation. That is why “Aces du Cœurworks to improve living conditions and hospital reception through a simple donation system. 

The idea: for every ace served during a tournament sponsored by BNP Paribas, the Group will make a donation to support a specific project chosen in advance (renovation or creation of a game room, a waiting room for parents, equipment purchases, etc.).

“Aces du Cœur” now operates in children’s hospitals in Paris, Rennes, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nancy. Our ambition is not only to anchor this program in France, but also to export it to other Group subsidiaries around the world. In addition to replicating the system of donations for every ace, subsidiaries can customize the operation by supporting a cause of their choice. 

As you can tell, we intend to transform this program into BNP Paribas’s flagship solidarity campaign in the tennis world—a new commitment for the Group to support the causes it believes in!

As a female employee, leading this project is a crucial chance to gain recognition for my company and promote a sense of belonging. It’s also a profound journey of self-discovery! Being able to experience such moments with children helps us get back to what is essential in life: everything we can and must prioritize. 

“Aces du Cœur” now operates in children’s hospitals in Paris, Rennes, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nancy..

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