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The Lumière Festival in Lyon, one of the largest international festivals of classic cinema

Every year, the Lumière film festival in Lyon, France pays tribute to the movies by rolling out more stunning initiatives aimed at all types of audiences. It’s a bold festival with enough to satisfy moviegoers of all tastes!

Celebrating film in every form

The Lumière festival is open to every form of cinematic expression and, once again this year, will:

  • Reinvent silent film and organize its relationship with music, through Harold Lloyd’s cine-concert: the screening of a classic silent film accompanied by the National Orchestra of Lyon
  • Introduce us to a thousand cinematic curiosities by screening restored versions of rare or little-known films from Slovakia, Finland and Lebanon
  • Add a feminine touch with films made by female directors between 1931 and 1973, and ready to be rediscovered

Film for everyone, everywhere 

The Lumière film festival is for all audiences, in a variety of settings, and at various times, allowing you to: 

  1. Stay up all night by attending film screenings organized until dawn. During "La nuit du festival," audiences can enjoy films in a dormitory theater with breakfast served in the morning.
  2. Share the joy of film with young audiences, through the children’s festival called “Mon festival à moi” (“My own festival” in French).
  3. Participate in workshops at schools throughout the city, and the “Prix des lycéens” awarding high school students’ favorite film.
  4. Attend screenings and cine-conferences during all eight days of the festival

The festival will also feature a screening and meeting at the Lyon-Corbas detention center.

A passion that continues even after screenings 

The Lumière festival is made for all film lovers and offers more than just film screenings! Participants can haggle at the film flea market, stroll through various galleries, visit a pop-up film library and even discover all 5,000 titles on sale at the DVD market. 

Wong Kar Wai, guest of honor

Every year, the festival awards the Prix Lumière (the “Lumière Award”), to a guest of honor from the film industry.This year, the award will be given to Hong Kong director, screenwriter and producer Wong Kar Wai (Fallen Angels, In the Mood for Love, My Blueberry Nights). 

© Nicolas Guérin

BNP Paribas, a loyal partner of the festival

BNP Paribas, a loyal backer of the festival for years, signed on with enthusiasm to the Lumière festival’s vision and drive to make film accessible to all audiences. The Group has served as an official partner of the Lumière festival since its creation. 

For the ninth edition, which will take place from October 14 to 22, 2017, we will be present behind the scenes. 

Audiences will have the chance to discover two special attractions, produced in partnership with BNP Paribas:

  • the Box Photos, at the Festival Village, will give visitors a chance to take home a photo souvenir
  • the Galerie Lumière, a gallery dedicated to film in the center of Lyon, will run a photo exhibit called In the Mood for Love, dedicated to the films of Wong Kar Wai, from September 15 to November 12 (free entry)

And because it’s more fun when we share our passion, every year the BNP Paribas branches in the Lyon area don the colors of the film festival and also offer their customers an opportunity to win hundreds of tickets to screenings. 

Lumière 2017 Grand Lyon Film Festival


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Crédits Photo © Institut Lumière / Jean-Luc Mège

© Nicolas Guérin

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