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Intrapreneurship: The People’sLab4Good kicks off its second season!

At the beginning of March, 12 BNP Paribas employees got involved in the adventure of positive impact intrapreneurship by joining the new season of the People’sLab4Good, the Group’s Company Engagement program!

Connect positive impact project holders

Pioneer of intrapreneurship for good, the People’sLab4Good is a company lab a 100% dedicated to project holders whose businesses have a positive impact on society and/or the environment. For the second consecutive year, it’s working with employees from all branches of the Group, from France and abroad. In 2 years, no less than 7 countries have been represented: Belgium, Ivory Coast, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland and Tunisia. 

This year, the program received over 150 applications, and 12 projects were selected as they were answering best to the Company Engagement challenges, in line with at least one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals(Opens in a new tab).

The People’sLab4Good provides 20 days of training over 4 months to help the #Intrapreneurs4Good refine their ideas with one objective: finding internal sponsors and financing to develop their projects!

On the menu: training in startup methodologies, but also meetings with inspiring people from the program’s internal and external ecosystem: intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, experts in business creation and in social business.

2019 People’sLab4Good 

Élodie Villeméjane, Essaadia Hanoune, Fabien Benoit, Guy de Koninck, Hana Moubarki, Jabrane Attia

Koudiéji Maguiraga, Laetitia Macé Peiretti, Nicolas Tondeur, Rachida Eddam, Sacha Grosman, Maxime Louis

“ We want to help the employees bring the positive impact culture to the core of the company thanks to their projects, and be proof that it’s possible to solve societal and environmental issues by developing a business.  ”

Sandrine Delage

Head of the People’sLab4Good

The winning projects

This year, the projects of BNP Paribas’ #Intrapreneurs4Good answer to 4 major challenges:
  • Extending the elderlies’ autonomy and improving their quality of life; 
  • Reducing or compensating our footprint online and offline; 
  • Helping and supporting entrepreneurs; 
  • Fostering integration and financial inclusion.

At the end of the lab, these projects are likely to succeed, according to the experience of season 1, where 8 out of 13 projects continue to develop. Emmanuelle Fenard, Xavier Kressmann and Frédéric Auregan, alumni of People'sLab4Good, will be present at VivaTech to present Tangata(Opens in a new tab), Kanoa and Altermotive, the solutions they have defined and consolidated during the program.

Still with that objective of transforming deeply the company processes, the program aims at integrating the managers of the intrapreneurs, thanks to dedicated sessions this year. Indeed, the managers are playing a key part in the success of the intrapreneurs’ projects, as they allow them to take time from their usual work, and provide them with valuable support in their intrapreneurial endeavors.  

the concept at the core of the People’sLab4Good is transformation.

Beyond launching and developing new sustainable businesses, the concept at the core of the People’sLab4Good is transformation. For Sandrine Delage, head of the People’sLab4Good and of Change Makers and Prospective at BNP Paribas, the major success of the program is the intrapreneurs’ change of mindset and their acquisition of new ways of working. Each intrapreneur reaches an average of 100 persons at work. They become levers for more agile and 4Good organization and spirit at the core of the company and beyond: in their respective ecosystems.

For these intrapreneurs who change the world and their company to have even more impact, BNP Paribas also launched an inter-company movement in 2018: #Intrapreneurs4good. On the menu: exchanges of good practice, meetings, brainstorming on shared challenges… You’d like to meet us? We’d be delighted to welcome you at our dedicated corner at VivaTech 2019!

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