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Marie-Line, Social enterprise supporter: discover our #UnexpectedJobs

At 13, Marie-Line was already working for a better world by creating an association to fight against waste. She has never stopped dreaming big and today finances companies that seek to have a positive impact on society or the environment. Her #UnexpectedJobs in a few words: Social Enterprise Supporter!

How does Marie-Line Support social enterprises?

Marie-Line has been actively involved involved in promoting the general interest since she was young and has created her own non-profit organisation with a dual objective: fighting waste and bringing generations together. Today, she continues her commitment through her job. She sees capital not only as financial, but also human, environmental and social. And it’s that commitment she puts into action every day in her unexpected job.

Promoting the commitment of social economy actors

Marie-Line's commitment to the environment and society aligns perfectly to our Group. For many years, we’ve been actively supporting impact entrepreneurs, with Act For Impact label, in ways that enable these social economy movers and shakers to change the world around them and respond successfully to today’s environmental and social challenges. In 2022, we provided €6.3 billion in funding for the Social Economy sector, including €2.3 billion for impact enterprises fully dedicated to missions of social and/or ecological utility.

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