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“Buy Now Pay Later” solutions are reaching maturity and becoming a part of daily life

Faced with the growing desire to consume better and against a still uncertain economic backdrop, split payments are gaining in popularity. The latest survey carried out by FLOA, the BNP Paribas subsidiary, and the Kantar market research firm confirms the widespread and now stabilized adoption of “Buy Now Pay Later” solutions in France and Europe, illustrating the stage of maturity reached by the market.

Payment in instalments widely adopted in Europe

The trend is confirmed: “Buy Now Pay Later” has become part of consumers’ daily lives, considered as a budget management tool, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. The new FLOA-Kantar* survey reveals that 68% of Europeans use payment in instalments and/or deferred payment. While the majority of countries are seeing their adoption rate stabilize, Italy and the Netherlands stand out with more marked growth: +14% of split payment users in Italy and +11% of deferred payment users in the Netherlands in 2023. This contrast highlights the diversity of European markets.

FLOA continues its international acceleration, with backing from BNP Paribas. Its objective remains the same: simplify payments for customers and merchants thanks to payment in instalments, mini loans and credit cards. In France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal, the frequency of use of “Buy Now Pay Later” solutions is increasing. 40% of European users make more than 8 purchases per year paid in instalments.

*Survey carried out from 13 to 22 December 2023 by Kantar with 4,916 respondents representative of the countries cited.

A growth lever for retailers in France

France is one of the European countries where the use of BNPL is most developed, which confirms a mature domestic market. According to the FLOA-Kantar survey, 70% of the French use payment facilities, of which 44% make recurring use of them, a sign of far-reaching integration into consumers’ daily lives.

For 55% of French users, paying in several instalments is most often considered for purchases of less than €500. Among the sectors most affected by BNPL, three categories stand out in France: household appliances (54%), high-tech products (53%) and travel (48%). This payment facility has become a genuine growth lever for merchants in France because 6 out of 10 users would be ready to change brands to benefit from it.

70 %

of the French use payment facilities, of which 44% make recurring use of them.

Customer experience serving more responsible consumption

FLOA has become a major player in the split payment market with its “Buy Now Pay Later” solutions. It is now going further with “Buy Now Pay Whenever”, offering consumers the ability to take control of their payments by paying in instalments before, during and after the purchase. However, paying in instalments is not only a daily financial management tool. It also appears to be a key lever to support more responsible and sustainable consumption.

In France, 56% of users consider BNPL as a way to purchase better quality or more responsible products, a sentiment shared by 55% of European users. Payment facilities can actively participate in the development of the second-hand market, which has continued to gain ground for several years. The market for discount and second-hand products contributes in particular to the current challenges of regaining purchasing power and the search for authenticity by consumers.

  • 43% of French people (and 1/3 of Europeans) say they are more inclined to buy second-hand products if they can benefit from BNPL solutions just as for new ones.
  • 27% of French people who use BNPL have already used it to acquire second-hand items; 23% of Europeans confirm this practice.

FLOA, major player in split payment in France

FLOA develops payment facilities and innovative financial services for consumers and merchants. Placing customer experience and technological innovation at the heart of its strategy, FLOA constantly adapts to new consumer payment practices. A pioneer in payment facilities in 3 and 4 instalments, FLOA already satisfies more than 4 million private customers in Europe and over 15,000 e-commerce partners and points of sale. A subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group, FLOA can call on its fintech DNA and the financial solidity of its shareholder to carve out a position as a key player in “Buy Now Pay Later” solutions in Europe.


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