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BNP Paribas, partner of the Women's Forum Global Meeting 2017

The 13th edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting will take place this year for the first time in Paris, on 5 and 6 October at the Carrousel du Louvre. On the theme of "Committing to a positive impact on the world of today and tomorrow, daring to engage in a ruptured world", the Forum is an opportunity for participants to make their voices heard, share their visions for the future and create commitments.

About the Women's Forum Global Meeting

Since 2005, the Women's Forum Global Meeting has positioned itself as a platform from which to highlight the voices and opinions of women on the biggest social and economic issues. Drawing on the experience of women and men from every generation and across every continent, their conferences are characterised by rich and animated debates which serve as a sounding board for the major ideas of today and a launch-pad for the solutions of the future. 

The Women's Forum Global Meeting brings together 2,000 people who participate in high-level conferences on the following themes: questions about the preservation of our environment, new developments made possible by the technology of smart cities, the impact of new technologies on businesses and the opportunities which could be offered by a de-globalised financial system. The Women's Forum Global Meeting is debating, studying, challenging.

The Women's Forum is, finally, the belief that women should be key players in imagining solutions to the challenges we are currently facing, and which we will continue to face in the future. That is why this year a special homage will be paid to Simone Veil, the French stateswoman who dedicated her life to justice and to the recognition of the fundamental rights of women.

Discover the programme

The theme of this 13th edition of the Global Meeting will be "Committing to a positive impact on the world of today and tomorrow, daring to engage in a ruptured world", and will tackle the following four topics:

  1. Celebrating our humanity. In this era of disruption, let's remind ourselves that the success of institutions and organisations relies above all on their employees. This topic concerns the relationships between companies, their employees and their clients, as well as the strategies that allow organisations to respond to disruption by drawing on the strength of their staff.
  2. Taking advantage of technology. The impact of technology is measured on a level that is far more social than technical. We are studying the social and economic impact of the most revolutionary technologies, such as data analysis and artificial intelligence, the diversification and enrichment of environments that lend themselves to the creation of new technologies, and how to take advantage of these environments to build the world of tomorrow.
  3. Encouraging creativity. Creativity contributes to our personal development, but it can also produce truly revolutionary inventions. Within the frame of this topic, the best entrepreneurs, innovators, companies and organisations will explain how to encourage creativity and innovation – and how to profit from them.
  4. Changing the world of work. The future of an organisation rests on its talents: it must be able to attract the best candidates, equipped with the right knowledge and skills, and offer them a work environment which will help them to grow and succeed. This topic concerns the skills necessary for tomorrow and the way in which companies can cultivate them, as well as developing professional environments and cultures that will stimulate employee engagement and productivity.

Our speakers at the Women's Forum

  • Jean Lemierre, Chairman of BNP Paribas, will speak on the panel "Daring to lead in a disrupted world", from 8:45am-9:25am on Thursday 5 October.
  • Nathalie Doré, Chief Digital and Acceleration Officer for BNP Paribas Cardif, will take part in the "Daring to step onto the mound: Fintech companies share their experience" workshop from 11:25am-12:05pm on Friday 6 October.
  • Aurélie Decormeille, Bank of the West, BNP Paribas 

  • Alessandro Promutico, CEO L'Atelier BNP Paribas US

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