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BNP Paribas launches the #Intrapreneurs4Good programme to connect positive impact project holders

To help employees achieve success in their work, BNP Paribas started a programme just over 4 years ago to help them transform their ideas into projects that could benefit the company. With the Company Engagement department, intrapreneurship is taking on a new dimension this year focused on projects that meet both the expectations of the business and society.

Develop a meaningful project  

That is what a growing number of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are hoping to do, by bringing business and corporate social responsibility together. The aim of #Intrapreneurs4Good is to link up employees from the Bank’s different business lines who have projects with a positive impact that could be developed in the Group’s various in-house business incubators. And enable them to increase their impact, both in and outside the group, in areas to which the Group is particularly committed, such as climate, the new generation, local life and entrepreneurs.

In September 2017, BNP Paribas announced the creation of a Corporate Commitment department with representation on the Group’s Executive Committee. The new department works with all BNP Paribas business lines and functions and rallies for causes where the Group has strong leverage power, by aligning sales offer, partnerships, employer actions, procurement policies, solidarity projects, sponsorship, volunteering, intrapreneur initiatives, and more.

“ By working on the notion of positive impact, we’re going to reinvent the Bank ”

Antoine Sire

Director of the Company Engagement department

#Intrapreneurs4Good will give a springboard to promote BNP Paribas projects as well as federate good intentions from outside, among civilians on social networks. Sharing best practices, information and events will unite people who are committed to this issue. #Intrapreneurs4Good projects are initiated in all the different business lines and countries where the Group is present (Côte d’Ivoire, Luxembourg, Switzerland…) as well as the different regions of France.


The kick-off took place during the new People’sLab4Good season on 19 March at WAI Paris, bringing together 16 intrapreneurs around 13 projects with a 100% positive impact: developing a professional integration programme for refugees in the Bank, creating innovative services to improve the financial conditions of the most fragile populations, deploying green operating zones, setting up banking support solutions for people with disabilities, etc.

At the end of the 4-month programme, the projects will be ready for roll-out in business lines, or taken up in BNP Paribas in-house incubators that also support meaningful, high-potential business projects: IFS.alpha, an International Financial Services programme that combines intrapreneurship, technology and corporate responsibility, CIB RISK and BDDF, Home for Innovation in Belgium, Lux Future Lab in Luxembourg, and Colibri in Switzerland.

By using the clout of the company, we can launch initiatives that can change the world.

By using the clout of the company, we can launch initiatives that can change the world” - Bertrand Cizeau, Head of Group Communications and Deputy Director of the Company Engagement department at BNP Paribas.  

Watch the highlights of the #Intrapreneurs4Good kick-off day!

BNP Paribas launches the #Intrapreneurs4Good movement to connect project makers. A movement launched at the start of the new season of People'sLab4Good.

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