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BNP Paribas client offering and longstanding net-zero transition support recognised internationally

Group BNP Paribas’ support to its clients and to a more sustainable economy is recognised by leading financial sector publication Euromoney with global, regional and country awards for “Best Bank” in several financial and extra-financial categories.

Global awards

  • World's Best Bank for Markets 
  • World's Best Bank for Corporates 
  • World's Best Bank for Sustainable Finance  
  • World's Best ESG Data & Technology

Regional awards

  • Western Europe's Best Bank for Financing  
  • Western Europe's Best Investment Bank 
  • Western Europe's Best Bank for Sustainable Finance 
  • Latin America's Best Bank for Sustainable Finance 

Country awards

  • Best Investment Bank in France 
  • Best Investment Bank in Netherlands 
  • Best Bank in Belgium (BNP Paribas Fortis)
  • Best Investment Bank in Belgium (BNP Paribas Fortis) 

Access the Euromoney announcements below.

"These awards reflect the Group’s investments in innovation, as well as the strength of its integrated model allowing our corporate clients to reach global markets thanks to the expertise of local teams, in Europe, the Americas and the APAC region. They also recognise our consistent efforts to incentivise and facilitate our clients’ transition to a more sustainable economy.” 

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé 

Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas 

Supporting corporate clients in Europe and around the world 

The Euromoney awards reflect the Bank’s European leadership, its global reach with embedded local knowledge, its capacity to leverage a unique integrated model and to bring robust science-based sustainable solutions with expertise to all its clients.

The trusted relationships the Group has built with clients across all its businesses, its investments in technology and innovation, as well as its longstanding transitions leadership across its businesses are core to its recently announced GTS 2025 strategic plan: to become a banking leader in our markets and beyond, a leader in technology, and a leader in sustainable finance.

True and robust sustainable finance 

 For the second year running, BNP Paribas received the “World’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance” and “World’s Best Bank for ESG Data and Technology” awards. 

Scaling up sustainable finance

This recognition reflects the Group’s comprehensive approach to scaling up sustainable finance, by 

  • including serious sector policies and CO2 reduction targets 
  • creating expert teams and a first-class set up to accompany clients
  • implementing an in-depth transformation of its governance, processes and skills 

Coalitions and working groups

The Group also values active participation in coalitions and working groups such as the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and the Science Based Target initiative, or the TNFD – Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure which recently released its first beta version of a framework for nature-related risk management and disclosures.

“True sustainable finance requires profound transformations, to which we have aspired since several years. In addition to our commitments to society and to our clients, we need to ensure that we have robust data enabling every ESG element of our proposed transformation to rely on a very real and robust process. A lot remains to be done but being awarded both Best Bank for Sustainable Finance and Best Bank for ESG Data shows that we are heading in the right direction.”  

Antoine Sire

Head of Company Engagement for BNP Paribas and Member of the Group Executive Committee

Extra financial reporting for a responsible approach

This longstanding strategy is being accelerated by the new strategic plan, the GTS (Growth, Technology and Sustainability) 2025

Serving as a compass for aligning its portfolio towards a net-zero economy, this year Group BNP Paribas unveiled its first Climate analytics and alignment report and announced carbon intensity reduction targets by 2025.  

In line with this announcement, BNP Paribas Asset Management published its 2021 Sustainability Report detailing it’s responsible approach.  

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