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Young people striving to change the world

The “changeNOW” summit for sustainable development and the planet, gave pride of place to youth’s commitment to the climate. This was an opportunity for us to sound out young people on their aspirations and their vision for the future. We have taken what we learnt from them and incorporated it into our company purpose and hiring practices.

To sound out young people on their aspirations

Our Group believes that the younger generation has the energy to push boundaries, which is what needs to happen if we want to have a concrete impact on societal and environmental issues. We identify the young talents of the Bank of tomorrow, in order to support them and to grow together.

Are you keen to join a company committed to preserving the climate, a leader in sustainable finance: the bank for a changing world?
Whatever your profile, there is bound to be a job, work-study or internship offer that suits you: examples


Together, committing to be a leader for sustainable finance

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