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#agiletribe BNP Paribas: positive transformation requires sharing skills

Loreley Mac Donald
Loreley Mac Donald
Project coordinator #tribudesagiles

Combining pleasure and efficiency at work is possible. That is what the #agiletribe offers. For nearly 4 years, this BNP Paribas intrapreneurship program initiative has helped talented employees with skills useful to the Group to carry out short missions in parallel with their daily work.

It is a new way of working that helps diversify employee missions on the one hand, and test and shar new practices within the company on the other. Not only do employees develop new skills, but this also helps considerably reduce the costs of external services for the company. 

Its advantage: bringing meaning to employees and to the Group. 

 Since its creation, the #agiletribe reprensents:


missions completed





Feedback on an initiative that sketches an outline of a new way of working within the company

The tribe brings together BNP Paribas employees with specific talents to make them available to the Group. With approval from their managers, employees spend some of their working time putting their expertise to work for other teams and entities through short-term missions (1 day on average). It is an initiative that the Group strongly supports to develop its employees, and that illustrates one of its key values, being a "Good Place to Work": offering employees an attractive and stimulating framework for daily work, in which respect and team spirit reign.

"In 2015, graphical facilitation was used very rarely within the Group. I was a pioneer. Creating the #agiletribe helped me institutionalise and spread it use", explained Céline Pernot-Burlet the intrapreneur who started the #agiletribe. On the strength of its success in France, the #agiletribe has been internationalised and includes a growing number of employees in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Find out more about the 5 key principles at the core of this initiative

  • 1. Placing the circular economy at the core
    Since its beginning, the #agiletribe has been based on a circular economy model in which the entities who free up time for their employees to be a part of the tribe are the first to benefit from its talent. Through this leverage, the tribe has become a strong community in which sharing and exchange are the rule.
  • 2. Challenging managerial models
    Agility, adaptability, and autonomy are the key words for the tribe. The objective is clear: simplify procedures as much as possible to make the exchange of skills a common practice within BNP Paribas. Internally, there is no reinvoicing or bureaucratic paperwork. Each agile employee is autonomous and finds the right balance between completing #agiletribe missions and completing the missions involved in their position.
  • 3. Developing employee skills
In the era of slashers*, 1 out of 2 employees claims to be willing to hold several job functions at the same time(1). Paradoxically, many employees consider that their skills are under-used within their companies. The time of single-skill profiles is over; now is the time for atypical profiles, which can be a true goldmine for organisations.
  • 4. Giving priority to in-house work
"Why seek skills externally when they exist within the Group?" Céline Pernot-Burlet often repeats. This is logical, but far from being common practice among the groups listed on the CAC 40. For many slashers, recognition comes from outside first, before in-house recognition.
  • 5. Giving meaning to work
Having the choice of one's missions means making a choice to commit. Positive impact is part of the DNA of agile workers, who carry out most of their missions around BNP Paribas corporate commitment themes. The tribe helps them give meaning to their work by putting/using their skills to work for a positive impact. True leverage for positive transformation, the #agiletribe is attuned to the BNP Paribas Group CSR ecosystems, commitment, and diversity.

*Workers who hold several job functions are called "slashers" in reference to the "/" sign separating their various job functions when they list them. Slashers are workers who do not see themselves in a single chosen path. They are more likely to be flexible generalists than subject specialists.

Discover the testimony of three employees, members of the #agiletribe

Lucie Rossignol

agile worker since the creation of the tribe - 34 missions completed / 25 days of missions

"The agile tribe at BNP Paribas is the Group's anchor in modernity. The start-up spirit is not just for workers in the Silicon Valley! Allowing employees to use their skills across departments has many values. It helps develop employee talent and skills, increases happiness at work, and develops new models within the company, such as the circular economy for example."

Gilles Alamarguy

agile worker since 2016 - 4 missions completed / 12 days of missions as video director 

"The agile tribe is a talents community serving the Group. The Bank enables employees to realize their passion."

Caroline Roy

agile worker since the creation of the tribe - 98 missions completed / 96 days of missions

"Being agile is not acting urgently, but openly and flexibly. True agility is successfully working across departments within one's entity and outside it. "The tribe is a new way of operating, a new way of exchanging that breaks some company codes."

(1) Survey from conducted from 28 through 3 September with a sample of 130,000 internet users registered on the meteojob platform, and representative of the working population in France.  

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