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Act for Impact: the new BNP Paribas brand in France for social entrepreneurs

With its long-standing commitment to social entrepreneurship, BNP Paribas is convinced that entrepreneurs who serve the public interest are growth drivers. Since 2014, the Bank has thus built, step by step, facilities dedicated to enabling their growth. Act for Impact, created by BNP Paribas in France, is a new facility for committed entrepreneurs, intended to offer specific banking support with innovative solutions for a more positive impact, to speed up projects and provide access to a network of key partners.

Act for Impact: a banking facility to help social enterprises grow 

  1. A dedicated complete banking facility. Social entrepreneurs are above all undertakings in their own right. BNP Paribas’ range of products and services can therefore be fully mobilised, without restrictions, to fulfil their various needs (short-term loans, investments, services, international support, etc.).
  2. Access to a network of key partners. A BNP Paribas network of more than 80 social entrepreneur account managers. They are mobilised across France to support committed entrepreneurs. 
  3. Innovative solutions for more impact. A credit policy requiring specific analysis. Given their social nature, entrepreneurs with a positive impact have an atypical risk profile, which it is important to take into account in credit risk analysis. BNP Paribas has thus developed a credit policy adapted to take into account their specific economic features, but also the social impact they have.

The social and solidarity economy (SSE) groups a number of structures that seek to reconcile social utility, solidarity, economic performance and democratic governance, with the aim of creating jobs and developing greater social cohesion.

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