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The 2019 Lumière Festival in Lyon: An homage to Francis Ford Coppola

From 12th to 20th October, the 2019 Lumière Festival(Opens in a new tab) (the Grand Lyon Film Festival) will be held at about forty different sites around Lyon. The programming for 2019 is just as rich and eclectic as previous years. It pays homage to Francis Ford Coppola, awarding him the 2019 Prix Lumière.

The perfect event for all film lovers and enthusiasts

The Lumière Festival is first and foremost a cinematic experience with homages, retrospectives, and explorations of interesting topics. For an entire week, Lyon is plunged into the universe of the Lumière brothers. The festival provides a wide audience with complete programming including: 
  • Retrospectives dedicated to great filmmakers
  • Screenings presented by actors, filmmakers, historians, and critics 
  • Remastered films on the big screen in a cinema
  • Large film screenings
  • A silent film experience with cineconcerts
  • Master classes and the opportunity to meet with the festival’s guests of honour
  • Exhibitions and a cinema & photography flea market

Francis Ford Coppola: winner of the 2019 Prix Lumière

The winner of five Oscars and two Palmes d’or from the Cannes Film Festival, Francis Ford Coppola(Opens in a new tab) is a well-known filmmaker and the talent behind some of the greatest successes in 20th-century cinematography including the Godfather and Apocalypse Now. At the 11th annual Lumière Festival, he will be recognised with the 2019 Prix Lumière and an organised “Godfather Night”!

BNP Paribas: an official partner of all types of cinema

BNP Paribas has been a part of the Lumière Festival since its creation in 2009. This famous event celebrates the major cinematographic works and iconic figures of the industry. Created by the Institut Lumière, the event is also another feather in the cap of the city of Lyon, which has historical ties to cinematography. The bank is proud to once again lend its support to this prestigious film event this year.

This year, as part of its ongoing efforts to help film lovers enjoy personalised experiences, the bank is launching its digital platform “We Love Cinema”.

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