From 13th to 19th October, Lyon and its area welcome the 6th edition of the Lumière film Festival.

This event celebrates the famous Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar, who will be awarded the prix Lumière, on 17th October, at the very place where Louis and Auguste Lumière shot their first film, in 1895.

Many Almodovar’s moovies will be shown during the festival, and also a selection of moovies which have influenced him. The festival hosts many other highlights, such as retrospectives about Claude Sautet, Musashi Miyamoto and Bob Robertson, masterclasses, an Alien night, documentaries about cinema, and projection of famous moovies, such as Ben-Hur.The festival also welcomes Keanu Reeves, on 15th October, for Side by Side, a documentary he has produced.

BNP Paribas supports the Festival Lumière 2014, an event which, since 2009, gives access to great films, and share with people its passion for cinema, being faithful to its “BNP Paribas, We Love Cinema” positioning.

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