Commitments to society

At the heart of the BNP Paribas Group’s engagement are its strong ambition and high standards in social and environmental issues, ethical responsibility, diversity and promoting human rights.

Taking action for a more inclusive and caring society

BNP Paribas has long been committed to carrying out positive actions within the countries and territories where it operates. In this capacity, it calls on all sources of leverage at its disposal, as an economic player, as an employer, and as a philanthropist via the BNP Paribas Foundation. In this way, it takes active part in the transformation that began several years ago towards a society that is more focused on solidarity and environmental protection. As a responsible employer, it strives to create a working environment that respects the rights of everyone. The Group goes well beyond that through philanthropy that promotes culture, such as contemorary dance, jazz, or cinema, while also fostering solidarity, environmental initiatives and sports – tennis in particular.

"In a world where inequality is a major concern for us all, I believe we must contribute to constructing a more inclusive society. Fostering and promoting diversity and equal opportunities are integral parts of how we see our business."

Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement, BNP Paribas. 


dedicated to the 2020 philanthropy budget


women members for the Executive Committee by 2025.


dedicated to climate research since 2010.

BNP Paribas Foundation: committed to the common good

The BNP Paribas Foundation takes action in three fields: culture, solidarity and environment. It supports projects worldwide that support the most vulnerable persons, including the Fondation des Femmes, integrating refugees in France, and many others. It promotes equal opportunity while facilitating access to culture and education for everyone via partnerships and initiatives, such as the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative in Africa and Dream Up in France.

The Rescue & Recovery Fund, which acts worldwide, has already raised more than 5 million euros from Group employees and "Banque Commerciale en France" clients since it was established in 2012. The Rescue & Recovery Fund responds to natural and environmental disasters by disbursing funds to associations that operate in the field.

Points of view

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