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Welcome to the world of the Volunteered Slaves

Healing, open, aerial, groovy… Many words come to mind when one describes the music of the Volunteered Slaves. But first of all, you must dive into the band’s story to better comprehend the music that arises from this cluster of talents, of origins, and ideas.

12 artists, 4 music albums and outstanding energy

The Volunteered Slaves is a sextet, which after 15 years of existence, transformed into a group of twelve: twelve musicians from all walks of life. The group originally met at the Jazz in Marciac festival (at the 2002 edition): there they got to know each other and decided to launch the musical adventure their band has now become. As they grew and evolved to the rhythm of their own songs (Kahina, Tahrir Square…) and their subtly arranged covers (Rock It, Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough), they paved their way towards one album, then another and yet another.

The fourth and last opus of this lineage, Ripcord, came out April 14th and is a powerful UFO: Jazz? World? Afrobeat? Hip hop? Rock? Funk? It seems that each member of the Volunteered Slaves contributed a piece of him and what makes him shake to produce this album which can’t be categorized. 

And you’ll find among the band a slam artist from Chicago, a pianist from Normandy, a rapper from Cameroun, a bass player from Algeria, a Parisian singer of Congolese and Japanese descent… This gives you an idea of the richness of the Slaves’ music.

Kahina, extract from Ripcord, the last opus from The Volunteered Slaves.

Must-see music sets

Music makes them travel the world and play live in all kinds of places, with mighty energy: there they are, all twelve of them, with no music sheet, and that’s when the power of their sound takes shape. By the way, you can go listen to the Slaves May 11th, at the Café de la Danse in Paris, or see them while they tour the festivals this summer: Jazz à Porquerolles, Jazz in Marciac and Jazz en Baie (in Carolles) are on the roadmap.

In 2016, the BNP Paribas Foundation decided to accompany The Volunteered Slaves in their projects, which it has done with many jazz artists for over 20 years.

The Volunteered Slaves


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