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More than 30 million euros in exceptional donations in 2023 to address urgent needs

The year 2023 was marked by events that affected many different populations around the world. In response, Group Philanthropy provided exceptional support to associations working on the ground.

A substantial Group effort, with exceptional donations in 2023

In 2023, BNP Paribas Group Philanthropy made more than 30 million euros in exceptional donations, including 20 million from its 2023 share buyback programme, to address social emergencies and in particular to combat hardship through the launch of an emergency food insecurity plan, and to respond to environmental emergencies. 

Within this framework, the Group made an exceptional €750,000 donation to support efforts in Morocco. 

This included €500,000 via the BMCI Foundation to provide more direct support to victims and to the local relief ecosystem, and €250,000 via the Rescue and Recover Fund by matching employees’ contributions to NGOs acting to support local victims.

Locally, BMCI contributed to the national victim-assistance drive with a donation of 3 million euros

In Turkey, the TEB group came to the aide of earthquake victims with almost 12.5 million euros. 

Meanwhile, the sale of vintage art furniture from the BNP Paribas collection, with proceeds going to the Foundation, helped promote broader access to culture through several initiatives in France.

“It is the role of corporate philanthropy to react to crises and emergencies by supporting associations working on the ground with the victims and those most in need. Our philanthropy is engaged, action-oriented, up-close and impact-directed. We pay particularly close attention to measuring and following up on the tangible effects of our support.” says Isabelle Giordano, Head of Group Philanthropy and General Delegate of the BNP Paribas Foundation.

Lars Machenil, Chief Financial Officer of the BNP Paribas Group, affirms: “We are proud to be the first bank to include a solidarity-based tranche from its share buyback that allows us to contribute to social and environmental causes.”

More than 650 beneficiary associations

The Group supported more than 650 associations in 2023, including exceptional donations to about 100 associations addressing issues such as severe hardship, nutrition, inclusion, climate and biodiversity. 

List of associations supported through the Group’s exceptional donations in 2023

Food aid and fighting severe hardship

Les Restos du Cœur, Secours Populaire, Fondation Abbé Pierre, Samusocial de Paris, Petits Frères des Pauvres, Banques Alimentaires, Entourage, Chaire de philosophie à l’hôpital, Association d'Entraide et de Reclassement Social (AERS), La Cloche,  Linkee, Fédération Belges des banques alimentaires (Belgium), Feeding Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong), Food from the Heart (Singapore), Tafel (Germany), Food for all (UK), Croix-Rouge Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Epiceries sociales de Caritas (Luxembourg), Ali Fortney Center (US), The Forgotten International (La Sagrada Familia Orphanage) (US, Peru), EcoCidade (Brazil), undación Techo (Colombia).

Combatting substandard housing

Toit à Moi, Habitat & Humanisme.

Youth: assistance to families and early childhood

Programme Malin, IM'PACTES, Gribouilli, Noble Gift (Poland), Save the Children (UK).

Youth: equal opportunity

L'Ascenseur, Energie Jeunes, Le Choix de l’école , Viens voir mon taf, DUO for a JOB, Job IRL, Réseau Môm’artre, Colosolidaire, Solidarity sports (UK),  Virtual Enterprise Inc. (US), Renaissance Youth Center (US), Comunità di Sant’Egidio (Italie), Save the Children (Italy), Fondazione Riva (Italy), Posse Foundation (US), Colegio Las Lomas Oral (Argentina), Huerto de Invierno (Chile), Aseema (India), Philpot Tennis Foundation (Canada), L’Oasis des enfants de Rosemont (Canada), Girls Opportunity Alliance (World).

Social and professional inclusion

Label Emmaüs, Simplon, Cuisine Mode d’emploi, Divertimento, WeTechCare, WPDI,  Café Joyeux, Wake up Café, microStart (Belgium), Sarenson (UK), Smartworks (UK), Stemm vun der Strooss (Luxembourg), Accion (US), Grameen America (US).

Climate and biodiversity

UICN (World), Naturalis (Netherlands), Business for Nature (World), JuST Institute (World), The Transition Institute 1.5 de l'école des Mines, Columbia Climate School (US), New York Restoration Project (US), Green City Force (US), Nature-Action Québec (Canada), Saving the Amazon (Colombia), UN Joint SDG Fund (World).

Access to water

Kynarou (India), Raindrop (India), Rainwater Harvesting Systems (Mexico).

Support for needy women and victims of violence

Resonantes, Solidarité Femmes, Agir Pour La Santé Des Femmes, Camping Care, Stand Speak Rise Up (Luxembourg).

Assistance to refugees

EachOne, Union des étudiants exilés, France Terre d'asile, JRS, SINGA, Collectif Bienvenue (Canada).

Emergency assistance

Fondation BMCI (Morocco), FUD (Morocco), Latet (Middle East).

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