15 and 16 December, "Terres de Cirques 1", at la Villette in Paris
A week-end to discover young circus artists

With the support of the Fondation BNP Paribas

The first edition of "Terres de Cirques" (Circus Land) provided an opportunity to take stock of the young creative circus talent available in France. The six-hour event brought together the rising generation of circus artists for a festival of sometimes very unusual numbers. Around 20 young artists gathered in the great hall of la Villette to show the public the new areas of circus entertainment they have been exploring.
"Les Baraques" (the Booths) made up a series of circus acts conceived by eight artists. Each artist had thought up and designed his or her own act: trampoline, acrobatics, trick riding, juggling, contortionism and trapeze acts were performed in unusual settings for the circus ring.
Prominent among these acts were "Poèm'cirques" (circus poems), combining words with gestures. Contemporary authors and young circus artists let the public into their worlds through numbers entitled "magic poem", "clownish poem", "jungle poem" or the "contortionist poem".
Spectators were also able to peep into the dream box and listen to a fairy tale about "the gypsy woman without breeches".
The trip to circus land included a surprise act by hawkers, a number called "Phenomenon" by Johann le Guillerm, an exhibition of photographs from the collection belonging to the "Clown sans frontières" association, a programme of video films and visits to the Circus Bookshop.


With the support of the Fondation BNP Paribas

In co-operation with the Basse-Normandie Circus Arts Centre, the Parc de la Villette commissioned eight artists to create some spectacular moments. Each artist conceived his or her booth with its contents, and made it a reality. They had to reinvent their performance spaces, making them their own. They worked individually in their respective theatres or any other suitable places. They all had to cope with the same constraints in terms of space, time, technical skills and scale. "Les Baraques" was coproduced with the Basse-Normandie Circus Arts Centre, and supported by the SACD, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and la Caisse d'Epargne de Basse-Normandie.

La cabane aux fenêtres (The Shed with Windows)/Mathurin Bolze
Aged 27, trained at the CNAC, Mathurin is an acrobat, a trick rider and a trampolinist. He belongs to the "Anomalie" company and starred in "Et après on verra bien..." He worked with François Verret ("Sur un air de Malbrough") on creating Kaspar Konzert.
In this shed, Mathurin Bolze bumps into Côme, the perched Baron, some nostalgic sailors and weightless astronauts. The people who live in this shed all abide by the principle that "We're fed up with living in two dimensions; in the shed, we'll live a three-dimensional life".

Le Tipi (The tepee)/Dimitri Jourde
Aged 25, trained at the CNAC as an acrobat, trick rider and dancer, Dimitri belongs to the "Désaccordé" Circus. He performed in "C'est pour toi que je fais ça". He composed the choreography of "Les oiseaux - Le bord du Monde". He is also a member of the Kubilai Khan Investigations "S.O.Y" group.
Conceived and performed by Cynthia Phung-Nooc and Dimitri Jourde, to music by Stéphane Podevin, the tepee is a poetic, ethnical and circular place where a dancer and an acrobat meet. Live music is the life and soul of their relationship.

La Serre (The Greenhouse)/Jean-Paul Lefeuvre
Aged 37, trained at the CNAC, Jean-Paul is a juggler and a conjurer. He participated in the first performance of the "Kulbuto" show. He has toured with the Archaos circus. He participated in the first performance and tour of a show by "Cirque O" and "Que-Cir-Que".
Conceived and performed by Jean-Paul Lefeuvre and Didier André, "La Serre" is a tunnel in which two down-to-earth characters vegetate, practise slightly physical culture and sometimes get it all wrong. Then they drink to it!

Chez Moi (At home) /Jeanne Mordoj
Aged 31, trained at the CNAC, Jeanne is a contortionist and a conjurer. She has been part of the "Bidon" Circus, has formed the Trio Maracassé "Bal" company, and worked with the Jérôme Thomas company in "The Banquet".
A shed, a caravan in which the public is invited to witness the cooking of a "contorted" cooking recipe, directed by Vincent Lorimy.

C/O /Jorg Muller
Aged 31, trained at the CNAC, Jorg is a juggler and a dancer. He has worked with Phillipe Goudard (Cirque Nu), Bernard Kudlak (Cirque Plume) and Gulko (Cahin Caha), but also with choreographers François Verret and Kitsou Dubois. He is now a member of the Mark Thompkins company.
An aquatic solo that alternates the themes of solitude and silence...

Jeux de miroirs (Mirror Effects) /Laurent Pareti
Aged 28, trained at the CNAC, Laurent is a juggler. He belongs to the "Anomalie" company and has performed in "Le Cri du Caméléon", "33 tours de piste", "Et après on verra bien", etc.
Slip under a woman's wide skirt. Enter this shed over which hangs the suspended reflection of a juggler. With a gentle feeling of weightlessness, let yourself be carried away and hypnotised by this character's aquatic movements, the victim (or beneficiary) of lunar attraction.

La chatière (cat-walk)/Emmanuelle Reisch
Aged 31, trained at the CNAC, Emmanuelle is a trapezist and a singer. She co-directed "Cirque O" and co-founded the Que-Cir-Que company.
This cat-walk also brings together Hyacinthe Reisch and the Mr le Baron group for a show that blends music and the circus.

Le Carrousel/ Mads Rosenbeck
Aged 35, trained at the CNAC, Mads is a juggler. He has worked with the Krone Circus and the Charlie Circus (in Denmark), with the Jérôme Thomas Hic-Hoc company, with the Phillipe Goudard company and with Marier Paul B (Cirque Nu). Since 1994, he has been a member of the Pocheros company.
A juggler is at the centre of a merry-go-round that spreads out like an umbrella due to a centrifugal force. Through the narrow strips of wood we see a character, a figure, objects, such as different parts of his body.

In co-operation with the Centre Dramatique Régional de Rouen and the Elbeuf Circus-Theatre, the Poèm'cirques offer an original form of partnership between authors and circus artists.
Magic poem: Raphaël Navarro and Gaël Boulard - Author: Joseph Danan
Clownish poem: Léonore Cavalés - Author: Daniel Lemahieu
Jungle poem: Raphael Navarro (and another circus artist) - Author: Michel Butor
Contortionist poem: Angela Laurier - Author: David Noir

UN CARTON A REVE... (a dream-box...)
"La Gitane sans culotte" (The gypsy woman without breeches)

An author, actor, director and the founder of the "L'Ombre des ailes" company, Olivier Besson has continued his work on dreams.
Spectators are invited to put their heads in this dream-box and to let themselves go. A few other spectators are then invited to approach the box, to tug a piece of string, and to turn a small handle, without knowing why. Seen from behind the shop-window, the sight of people lying down with their heads in this box, and of the busy hands of the people surrounding them, creates random body movements. The box performs the function of an enigma in the eyes of a passer-by. The passer-by can stay put, looking on and dreaming in front of the shop-window. Or he can go through the door of the shop, and (why not?) enter the box in which the sessions follow one another, like demonstrations by a rather mysterious street-vendor.

LES COLPORTEURS (the hawkers)
The creators of Filao concocted a surprise specially for Terres de Cirque, which was best discovered... on the spot.

The founder of the "Cirque Ici" presented the first stage of his project on circus phenomena. His research work currently focuses on trends in "circumambulatory" forms. The production of this first prototype is a mineral and vegetable phenomenon. Johann le Guillerm has been welcomed to la Villette as a long-term resident.

For many years, the performing arts (contemporary dance, theatre, new types of circus, etc.) have benefited from the contributions of creative artists who are keen to broaden their audiences, to develop new forms of their art, on the major stages or even in out-of-the-ordinary venues.
Fondation BNP Paribas has monitored this renewal very closely, and for several years has provided these creative artists with active support for the production, dissemination and promotion of their works. Such support has allowed choreographers, directors and circus artists to develop their production.
As the partner of the "Cirque Ici" and "Cahin Caha" companies founded by Johann Le Guillerm and Gulko, as well as of the "Clowns sans Frontières" association, the Foundation quite naturally supported this event alongside the Parc de la Villette, which plays a leading role in discovering and promoting contemporary circus artists.

Beyond the financial support, these shared commitments and aims fully justify the efforts made in the field of corporate philanthropy, which must also be open to original, audacious and imaginative opportunities for convergence.
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