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Tanjazz 2016 presents a feminine Jazz

 Discover the 17th edition of TANJAzz from the 22nd to the 25th of September 2016 in Tanger, Morocco

In September, Tanger (Morocco) is the capital of jazz, as TANJAzz Festival features skillful feminine artists this year under the peaceful sign of everlasting love and share. 

For its 17th edition, TANJazz chose an edition resolutely oriented towards feminism and glamour. This year’s edition is all about shedding lights on an emerging international generation of jazz-women, being either compositors, interprets or singers. Some of them are breaking down the  “cliches” by playing instruments that are usually “reserved” to men : trumpet, drums, trombone and double bass ! 

They come from all continents and are exploring all dimensions of jazz, in solo or in formations. They are all mesmerizing. Discover Andrea Motis, a trumpeter and singer revealed by Quincy Jones, or the “Swinging Ladies”, a one-hundred per cent girly quintet created by german double bassist Lindy Huppertsberg

Relax and enjoy the shows of Nina Van Horn, the punchy blues rock leader and recent Award of the Best Women Stage Performance, or Ada Montellanico’s, a sweet and gripping voice of the Italian jazz world. Free and borderless Jazz eventually expresses itself fully with the African-Brazilian trio of the Belgian pianist Anne Wolf, and the Syrian flutist and composer Naïssam Jalal

The Foundation BMIC, official sponsor of Tanjazz festival 

Foundation BMIC has been proudly supporting Jazz and its artists over the last decade. Therefore, it  is only natural that it partners-up with the 2016 Tanjazz Edition.  Free-entrance spot “BMIC Township”, located at Oujda Place, can welcome up to 6000 spectators ; meanwhile the “BMIC Palace” stage, which is located at the heart of the “Italian Institutions Palace”, welcomes up to 1000 people. On this stage drummer Anne Paceo, a new partner of Foundation Bnp Paribas, will present her new show, and will feature her new Quartet Circles as well. Expect an organic, poetic and inspired groove, inspired from a brand new generation of inventive jazzists with no complexes at all. 

Anne Paceo / crédit photo : Sylvain Gripoix

TANJAzz : a festival under the flagship of UNESCO and UN Women 

TANJazz received the label UNESCO recently for its universal dimension, incarnating the values of peace and share. This 2016 edition is also a part of the official UN Women program

TANJazz also aims to promote “Young talents”, allowing the very best of them to play in professional conditions

After the selections, the festival is the awaited time of the year during which all these very young artists can finally show their work to the public. It is an invitation to closing the festival on three stages, opened on the future. 

TANJazz received the label UNESCO recently for its universal dimension, incarnating the values of peace and share

TANJAzz, Tangier Jazz Festival

The largest jazz festival in Morocco , one of the musical highlights of the Maghreb, too, with artists from a dozen countries. The whole city celebrates the Jazz bars, big hotels, pubs , theaters, public squares ...


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