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#Southern Ocean Mission – Portrait of Yseult Berger, journalist for Sciences Actualités

Just before embarking on the Marion Dufresne, oceanographic vessel, Yseult Berger, journalist for Science-Actualités.fr, answers to our questions: what is the challenges of the mission, how will she work daily, her state of mind in the run-up to the launch of the mission.

The teams of the SOCLIM project, sponsored by the BNP Paribas Foundation under its Climate Initiative program, embarked on 6 October from the port of Saint Denis in Réunion for a one-month mission on the Southern Ocean.

Aboard the ship, Yseult Berger and Julien Boulanger, the mission’s photographer and videographer, will follow the scientists and share their experiences through a journal, photos and videos, which will be available in this space and on the Science-Actualités.fr website.

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