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IN my shoes: a podcast that puts its best foot forward

"IN my shoes" is a podcast series exploring the topics of diversity and inclusion, produced by BNP Paribas since October 2019. Each show is a 20-minute episode in French and English in which listeners get to discover the views of change-makers and examine the way we relate to others. Looking for a good dose of inspiration and positivity? Here's a preview of the first 10 episodes, available now on a range of podcast platforms.

Episode 1 - Delphine Horvilleur - Religious diversity in the workplace 

Delphine Horvilleur, philosopher and one of the few female rabbis in France, shares her insight into the often taboo subject of religion in the corporate world. In this age of social media, where disagreements often escalate into full-frontal attacks, she advocates for cordial debates, healthy differences and, above all, respect for each other’s legitimacy.

Episode 2 - Josef Shovanec - First-hand experience radically changes one’s perception of disability

A discussion with Josef Shovanec, a philosopher who advocates for autism-inclusion in society. As a frequent traveler, he is convinced that other cultures have much to teach us about accepting differences and preserving what he calls "human biodiversity".

 other cultures have much to teach us  

Episode 3 - Ghaleb Bencheick - Religious diversity in the workplace

Ghaleb Bencheikh, President of the Fondation d'Islam de France, guides us in a reflection on the topic of religious diversity in companies. He talks about the concept of "amphibology", referring to the frequent ambiguity of religious texts, which can become a matter of personal interpretation and lead to conflict. He also explains how religious diversity can add value to companies.

Episode 4 – Clara Moley – Equality in the workplace: analysis and tools

Clara Moley, founder of the podcast "The Rules of the Game", began her career as a trader in Sao Paulo, where she was the only woman to operate in her market. Drawing on her experience, she decodes the underlying factors that can deepen gender inequalities, while detailing the purpose of her podcast: encouraging women to take success into their own hands in order to reach leadership positions. She also provides some tips on how we can work together to advance gender equality in the workplace.

She also provides some tips on how we can work together to advance gender equality in the workplace.

Episode 5 – Carole Beneba – (In)visibility of origins in the media?

How can we make ethnic, social and academic backgrounds more visible in the media? It was after the birth of her son that Carole Beneba realized how few black heroes there are in children's literature. So she created her blog, "Les Étoiles Noires" (“Black Stars”), to promote diversity-awareness from an early age. She explains what we can do in the workplace to break down stereotypes and encourage multiculturalism.

Episode 6 – Pete Stone – Are stereotypes our friends or our enemies?

Why do stereotypes exist and should we be wary of them? In this episode (in English), Pete Stone, founder of Just Different, a firm specializing in diversity policy guidance, reminds us that we all have stereotypes. Pete provides the keys to overcome stereotypes, so that diversity in companies does not become a source of conflict but of creativity and innovation.

Episode 7 – Claire Gibault – Going beyond your destiny

Our guest in this 40-minute bonus episode is Claire Gibault, conductor and founder of the Paris Mozart Orchestra, a socially responsible solidarity orchestra. She talks about her career and the obstacles she overcame to become a conductor in an environment that is still very male-dominated. She encourages women to go beyond their destiny and create their own place in society, even if it means shaking up traditional norms.

Episode 8 – Jane Pillinger – How does domestic violence impact the workplace?

How does domestic violence impact companies? Our guest in this English-language episode, Jane Pillinger, researcher, gender expert and social affairs consultant, explains the different forms of domestic violence and their impact on the workplace. Drawing on concrete examples, Jane explains how to identify a victim in the workplace and what steps should be taken for the benefit of employees and the company.

Episode 9 – Jean-Baptiste Marteau – LGBT+ diversity in the workplace

To this day, it can still be difficult to live openly as an LGBT+ person, even leading to discrimination, especially in the workplace. Jean-Baptiste Marteau, journalist and TV news presenter on France 2, shares his experience, his coming out at work and the actions he has taken to promote inclusion. He also offers some advice to managers on how to create an inclusive work environment.

Episode 10 – Eric Singler – How the nudge can be a balance booste

We take a close look at "nudge" theory with Eric Singler, Managing Director of the BVA Group and head of the BVA Nudge Unit. He offers an in-depth explanation of the little "nudges" that can have a big impact when it comes to helping people make better decisions. In fact, these levers of influence can play a useful business role by promoting ethical behavior, all at minimal cost and with tangible results.

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IN my shoes

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