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The Wang Ramirez Company puts cultural exchanges at the heart of their choreographies. Discover the making off of their latest work, where hip hop and ballet intersect, in a unique web series imagined by the BNP Paribas Foundation!

Honji and Sébastien’s latest project took place at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Massachusetts and resembles them entirely. Along with Sara Mearns, principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, they co-created a choreography which stages the encounter between two universes: hip hop and ballet.

Wang Ramirez Creation's Diary - When Hiphop meets Ballet

The BNP Paribas Foundation has been following the couple in its projects since 2014 and chose to follow them to the Jacob’s Pillow Festival, to create a behind-the-scenes web series on their exclusive creation with Sara Mearns. An original way to discover and get close to the two talented artists under another angle, and to follow them day by day in their work.

  • What inspires the Wang Ramirez Company?
  • How can artists bridge the gap between hip hop and ballet, while working with a completely different artist and in very limited time?
  • What does everyday life look like for a couple who dances, produces itself and tours the world as a team?

Wang Ramirez, who formed a doubly eponymous dance company, are the experts of exchanging and blending between cultures and know-how. The couple by itself combines 4 different nationalities: Korean, German, Spanish and French. 

In their shows they express universal values, beyond the notions of identity and belonging to a group.

The Jacob's Pillow Festival 


More information about the Jacob's Pillow dance Festival.


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