To mark its 30th anniversary in Taiwan, BNP Paribas and its Foundation have partnered with the National Palace Museum in Taiwan to restore a Tang Dynasty Mirror Case.

Designed in the form of an album approximately 5 centimetres thick, this mirror case from the Tang Dynasty (8th century) was acquired by The National Palace Museum Taiwan last year. It features the painted image of a bronze mirror, which has been shown to be similar in size, shape, texture and rust corrosion of another bronze mirror within the museum's collection.

(c) National Palace Museum Taiwan

Clear written record of its name, dimensions, decorations, inscription and stamp can be found on the mirror case. In comparing the message and the related historical information, experts proved that this mirror case is in fact the container of the bronze mirror in the museum's collection. The mirror currently the only existing flower-shaped mirror from the Tang Dynasty.

These two items had been separated before the case's relocation to Taiwan. The National Palace Museum already has in its possession the packaging and accessories for the case, including the wooden lid and brocade cover.

The mirror case, bronze mirror and other accessories are meant to be one artifact according to its original design; and they denote an inseparable historical importance. It is stamped with Qing Dynasty Emperor's seal, which clearly shows that it was a beloved collector's item of the Emperor, and is representative of his taste.

It is estimated that the restoration will take around 9 to 12 months to complete.

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