After having published the album on the permanent collections at the Quimper Museum of Fine Arts in 1993, the BNP Paribas Foundation has just signed a patronage agreement covering the restoration of a set of early Italian paintings that are kept at the museum.

Founded in 1864 to receive the exceptional collection of paintings bequeathed by Jean-Marie de Silguy (1785-1864), the Quimper Museum of Fine Arts – known for its collection devoted to the poet Max Jacob and its paintings inspired by Brittany and by the School of Pont-Aven – has one of the largest collections of early Italian paintings in Brittany. They illustrate the various currents and periods from the Primitives until a fine series of studies from the 18th century, going via the Renaissance, Mannerism, the influence of Caravaggio and 17th century Classicism. Thanks to the support of the BNP Paribas Foundation, 34 of these paintings – which are kept in the museum's reserves – will shortly be the subject of an in-depth scientific study and restoration.

At the end of this restoration campaign, in 2012, a temporary exhibition will present all of these works and the work of the restorers and curators. The collection of Italian paintings in the Quimper Museum of Fine Arts will also be the subject of a publication by the National Institute of Art History.

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