On the occasion of the donation of more than six hundred work s of art and records of the artist Eugène Leroy (Tourcoing 1910 – Wasquehal 2000) by his sons Eugène-Jean and Jean-Jacques Leroy to the Musée des beaux-arts Eugène Leroy de Tourcoing, the BNP Paribas Foundation has decided to team up with the event and provide support for the restoration of forty-five paintings by the artist.

Working with oil on canvas, Eugène Leroy's technique consisted of continually returning to and reworking earlier compositions. He thus worked on some of his paintings for over twenty years.
The artist strived to reveal the luminescence of colour; he wanted the paint itself to be a source of light. This tireless quest led the artist to construct his paintings through a succession of coloured strata. As the years went by and the paint accumulated on the canvasses, they gradually became incapable of securing the coloured layers and performing their role as a support. Another particular feature of the paintings of Eugène Leroy is the way in which the paint overflows the canvas, giving each paining a unique morphology. They are all approximately rectangular, but with irregular edges.

Faded by the passage of time, the restoration of the paintings is necessary both for their preservation and in order to exhibit them at the museum. Once restored, the paintings will be presented in a temporary exhibition devoted to the artist's work, planned for autumn 2010.

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