The Acrobatic Troupe of Tangiers is continuing its international tour with its show Taoub, staged by Aurélien Bory, artistic director of Compagnie 111. This splendid co-production by two companies, supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation, has achieved unprecedented success among the theatre-going public.

The company has been a fixture at the New Victory Theater in the heart of Broadway since 6th February and, for more than fifteen performances, the twelve Moroccan performers – discovered a few years ago on the beaches of Tangiers – have been perfectly combining the ancestral practices of Moroccan acrobatics with those of a modern circus.

Taoub means cloth in Arabic. Fabric is the only scenery used in this production – it becomes in turn a floor, a canvas, a cover, a tent and a costume. The company uses all the possible links between cloth and acrobatics to build a luminous fresco.

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