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#Mission to the Southern Ocean - Portrait of Julien Boulanger, photographer and videographer

A few days before the start of the mission to the Southern Ocean, we met with Julien Boulanger, a photographer and videographer who will be sailing aboard the oceanographic ship Marion Dufresne for 1 month to follow the team of the SOCLIM project, sponsored by the BNP Paribas Foundation under its Climate Initiative programme.

In collaboration with Yseult Berger, a journalist for Science-Actualités.fr, Julien will be following the scientific team on board the ship. They will share their journey and document the expedition throughout the whole of the mission.

On the eve of his departure, Julien spoke to us about his career, his expectations and his preparations prior to embarking on this adventure.

Leaving from the port of Saint-Denis (Réunion) to sail to the Kerguelen Islands, the goal of the mission is to collect new data about this environment and to raise public awareness about the challenges of climate change.



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