Martin Zimmermann takes to the stage in Lausanne without Dimitri de Perrot to put on a solo piece entitled "Hallo".

For the first time in his 20-year career, Martin Zimmermann is venturing on stage without his partner Dimitri deZimmermann with Hallo Perrot to put on his own solo show.

Everyone knows that shop windows are designed to catch the eye of the public, draw their attention and entice them. Accordingly, the artiste has chosen this idea for his stage setting, using shop-window conventions as a basis for his creative interpretations. Zimmermann sets out to undermine and unpick our certainties: playing with mirrors, questioning the weight of the body, revealing the poetry and dreams which lie at the very heart of reality. There is no downtime in Hallo’s poetic investigation. Backed by music from the young jazz player Colin Vallon, Zimmermann whisks us off into improbable situations to which we can basically see no logical solution. Zimmermann’s own response is to resolve the absurd by using slapstick!

Martin Zimmermann and his company "Zimmermann & De Perrot", who has been receiving support from the BNP Paribas Foundation since 2006, is staging his show Hallo at the Vidy-Lausanne Theatre in Lausanne from 4 to 22 November, before taking it on tour across France.

Le Havre 16.12.2014 > 19.12.2014 Le Volcan (National Theatre)
Mulhouse 07.01.2015 > 09.01.2015 La Filature (National Theatre)
Marseille 22.01.2015 > 25.01.2015 Le Merlan (National Theatre)
Strasbourg 03.02.2015 > 05.02.2015 Maillon, théâtre de Strasbourg (European Theatre)
Lyon  08.04.2015 > 10.04.2015 Maison de la Danse
Paris  16.04.2015 > 29.04.2015 Théâtre de la Ville
Compiègne 19.05.2015 > 20.05.2015 Espace Jean Legendre
Ollioules 03.06.2015 > 05.06.2015 Châteauvallon, CNCDC

Hallo © Foto Augustin Rebetez 2014


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