Throughout 2010 and 2011, BNP Paribas' subsidiary in Mali, BICIM, and the BNP Paribas Foundation, will continue to fulfil the commitments first made by the Group to Samusocial International and its local partner Samusocial Mali in 2009.

Samusocial in Mali This new partnership will boost Samusocial Mali's resources in the fight against the social exclusion of homeless youngsters. BNP Paribas' support will also provide the basis for a study into street children in Bamako, “Each of us had a home". It will also ensure measures to improve our understanding of these young people and the care provided to them are applied, based on Samusocial's recommendations.

The commitment of BNP Paribas, its Foundation to Samusocial International and its Malian branch form part of a global approach to supporting solidarity, educational and cultural initiatives, in partnership with the countries in which the Group operates.

The BNP Paribas Foundation and BICIM already work with other associations in the field, such as Pesinet and La Voûte Nubienne. Pesinet offers a mobile phone-based local medical helpline service in Mali, educating communities about preventive health care and bringing about long-term improvements in the health of young children. La Voûte Nubienne has, for its part, standardised a technique developed in Upper Egypt for the rapid construction of solid roofs entirely made from mud. It trains builders and fosters the transfer of skills and suitable management resources, thereby serving as a long-term model in the countries concerned.

BNP Paribas also funds microfinance institutions and skills volunteering in Mali through the MicroFinance without Borders association.
The first institution in Mali to be financed by BICIM was Miselini in 2007; launched as a support programme for female activities in 1993, and breaking even in 2002, Miselini is led by an exclusively local team. What's more, MicroFinance without Borders, which provides technical support to microfinance institutions through a network of volunteers (current and retired BNP Paribas employees as well as people from other backgrounds), mounted its first support project in 2008 in aid of a microfinance institution within the PAMIGA network as part of efforts to improve procedures. A second mission in Mali, the computerisation of the CI-DEME microfinance institution, was launched in early 2010. A third mission was recently undertaken in partnership with the Belgian NGO SOS Faim to provide management control support to a local microfinance institution.

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