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(LA) HORDE: dance, or the reflection of the soul of our post-internet society

The members of the (LA) HORDE collective are dancers, choreographers, directors and art installation designers. Supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation since 2017, they are back at the Maison des Arts of Créteil from 16 to 19 October with Marry Me in Bassiani, a new piece created with the national ballet of Georgia, written for 15 performers in which the expression of social & political issues moves from the internet web to the stage.

Dance & Internet: movement goes viral

The unique vision the collective offers through its works is due to many things, in particular the horizontality and ability to break down barriers in their creative process which unconventional inspirations are nurtured by their bold use of viral content found on the web. They raise the question of the circulation of dance on the Internet, this infinite means of expression that has given rise to new dance forms. 

(LA) HORDE already explored this theme in one of its pieces, To Da Bone, which brings to the stage the jumpstyle, this iconic internet 2.0 dance form.

"The Internet, says (LA) HORDE, is a form of extension of reality. It gives greater reality to what is said or done with an incredible propagation power, a true transmitter of beauty or horror.  We were curious to see how dance would evolve in this field.”

Internet gives greater reality to what is said or done with an incredible propagation power.

(LA)HORDE - TO DA BONE ® Tom de Peyret.

Marry Me In Bassiani: between modernity and tradition

This time, (LA) HORDE turns to the East and draws its inspiration from traditional Georgian dances as well as the new electronic music scene whose beating heart is a huge club called Bassiani in Tbilissi, to illustrate the protest and political role dance can play in Georgia.  Bassiani has become the cradle of protesting movements for the Georgian youth in need of freedom. Surprise guaranteed with this creation as universal, progressive and intense as the last, between traditional wedding dances and deep-techno!  

There are 15 of them on stage, perfectly synchronised to the beat of techno music, waltzing between couples in love and clashing swords.

Marry Me In Bassiani - LA (HORDE).

(LA) HORDE, in motion since 2013

Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel have been breaking the codes of the performing and visual arts since 2013, when (LA) HORDE was founded. The BNP Paribas Foundation has followed this adventure since 2017 as part of its commitment to support creation in contemporary performing arts.

Photo header (LA) HORDE ©Tom de Peyret

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