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#JazzPortraits: Pierrick Pédron, the eclectic saxophonist

With 9 albums, from be pop to hard bop, from Pink Floyd to Chet Baker, Pierrick Pédron is considered today to be one of the best saxophonist of French jazz. Who is behind this saxophonist of international reputation?

An early jazz lover

Pierrick Pédron started alto saxophone at age 7, and it’s when he turned 16 that the young Breton musician fell for jazz, which led to him entering two years later the school “L’école de jazz et des musiques actuelles”.  In Paris, he then takes part in various funk and rythmn & blues projects (including with Sinclair, or Juan Rozoff). In 1994, his first record comes out, alongside flautist Magic Malik. Then he joins the saxophones big band Le Douzetet de Sax with Lionel Belmondo and François Théberge.

A composer with a musical universe opened to the world 

During his career, Pierrick Pédron juggled between singular projects ranging from pop to bop which he is very fond of, with his albums, "Kubic's Monk" (2012) et "Kubic’s Cure" (2014) respectively paying tribute to Thelonious Monk and the band The Cure.  Although his first source of inspiration remains his native Brittany where he often travels to, to compose. 

"Brittany inspires me because I miss it. When you miss something, that’s when it inspires you somehow", Pierrick Pédron.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in New York, he nurtures today a future record project with New York musicians. This north-American influence is very present in his music. 

Finally, he often plays in Parisian jazz clubs along with his fellow travelers such as the bass player Thomas Bramerie.

New projects in the making

Always on the run, Pierrick Pédron is never where you expect him, often changing direction but always focused on musical innovation, while remaining attentive to instrumental rigor and the pleasure of playing.  The BNP Paribas Foundation has been supporting him since 2017 and his new project of New York album led with the talented Larry Grenadier (double bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums), and Sullivan Fortner (piano).

Photos: header ©4th Life Photography // ©Pierrick Pédron

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