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#JazzPortraits: Louis Winsberg, the "Mediterranean" guitarist

Co-founder of the epic group Sixun, improviser and composer, the guitar virtuoso Louis Winsberg colours his jazz harmonies with flamenco and ethnic overtones. It’s time to listen to "Sacromonte" while you read through this portrait of Louis Winsberg and discover his iconic pallette of Mediterranean sounds.

2020: the Jaleo project turns twenty

Jaleo was born during an artistic residency at the Phénix in Valencienne. Through this album, Louis Winsberg wanted to rediscover the sounds that shaped his youth, long before he discovered jazz. This generous guitarist is inspired by his childhood travels when his family was close with the Reyes family, the great gypsy dynasty that founded the Gypsy Kings. Accompanied by brilliant musicians who all contributed to Jaleo, Louis Winsberg’s project leaves us with an aftertaste of sun-ripened music lapped by the Mediterranean Sea. 

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In 2016, he released a new Jaleo composition, "For Paco", a tribute to Paco de Lucia, considered by many to be the greatest flamenco guitarist in history. In this project, Louis Winsberg's guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments play an increasingly prominent role. This rich music is rooted in flamenco and Cuban songs, combined with the virtuosity of jazz improvisation and Louis Winsberg's own compositions.  

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Collaborations that span borders and styles

While Louis Winsberg has proven himself equally a leader and a co-leader, he’s also a sideman highly appreciated by musicians as diverse as they are eclectic. André Charlier at the drums and Benoit Sourisse at the piano and organ chose the guitarist for their projects including Tales from Michael for a vibrant tribute to saxophonist Michael Brecker. The guitarist has also been the travelling companion of the award-winning American singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, and others of the calibre of Maurane or Berline.

Celebrating 50 years since Woodstock in Eygalières

Each year, Louis Winsberg founder of the festival Calan d’Art in Eygalières invites all music lovers for an outstanding four-day event featuring music, art, peace and love. This year was the opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with a line-up including Louis Winsberg's music, a movie-concert under the stars, ethno-jazz, sculptures and even a ball to close the festival. A true Woodstock revival experience. 

Photo : Louis Winsberg

Crédit photo :  header ©Vincent Gramain

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