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#JazzPortraits: Anne Paceo, a globetrotting, bewitchingly poetic drummer

Born in 1984, Anne Paceo(Opens in a new tab), a globetrotting drummer and an eclectic, passionate composer, is leading an international career performing on every continent. The BNP Paribas Foundation first met the musician while she was preparing her record Yôkai and has backed her projects since 2015.

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Anne Paceo(Opens in a new tab) enjoys facing the unknown. Her singular style has earned her two Victoires de la musique, “Jazz Revelation” in 2011 and “Jazz Artist of the Year” in 2016, confirming her status as a musician who matters.  She defies genres to offer unique, border-shattering creations. 

I’ve never liked borders between musical styles,” she says. “Record stores invented those labels but music transcends all that.  What matters is that it speaks to the heart and soul, stirs emotions, inspires us and takes us on a journey.” 

Source: https://annepaceo.com(Opens in a new tab)

A veritable globetrotter, Anne in her music absorbs the cultures she encounters, mixes them and immerses us into a unique musical world on each of her six records

unique, border-shattering creations.

New album "Bright Shadows"

With her new album Bright Shadows, whose release is scheduled for January 25, 2019, Anne continues her musical explorations with voices and electronics. This time, she is surrounded by two sensitive vocalists, Ann Shirley and Florent Mateo, as well as musicians Tony Paeleman on keyboards, Pierre Perchaud on guitar and Christophe Panzani on saxophone. 

Bright Shadows is a spellbinding, unclassifiable creation, a veritable musical mixture of nearly spiritual sounds, pop melodies and West African beats.

Listen to the first tracks on Bright Shadows: Tomorrow(Opens in a new tab) | Nehanda(Opens in a new tab) 

Her new album, Bright Shadows, lies somewhere between introspection and spellbinding poetry.

Anne Paceo, artist-in-residence at the Jazz Sous les Pommiers Festival in Coutances until 2020

Jazz sous les pommiers(Opens in a new tab) in Coutances is the first festival where Anne played as a leader in 2007. Now she’s back as an artist-in residence.  

Recorded at the same festival, Anne’s previous album, Fables of Shwedagon(Opens in a new tab), is the outcome of the encounter in Myanmar (formerly Burma) between the traditional orchestra Hein Tint and her jazz quintet. The fascinating compositions stemming from this unique musical encounter showcase her vast range. 

Photos ©Sylvain Gripoix

Circles: airy compositions for a first-class quartet 

In 2016, Circles, the album Anne recorded as a quartet with the very talented Emile Parisien (saxophone), Leila Martial (vocals) and Tony Paeleman (keyboards), already featured compositions for voice.  Based on jazz, world music or pop, the music is free-spirited, bright and vibrant, the subtle melodies giving way to colourful atmospheres and dance beats.  

Anne works regularly with leading French and international artists such as Archie Shepp and Alain Jean-Marie. She will perform at a unique concert in Coutances with Rhoda Scott, Dan Tepfer, China Moses and Sandra Nkake. 

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