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#JazzPortraits: Airelle Besson, multi-talented trumpeter

Airelle Besson is not just a trumpeter, but also an inspired composer, bugler, cellist, conductor and arranger. Awardee of the Jazz Academy’s Django Reinhardt prize for best musician in 2015, and supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation, she is also a highly sought-after sidewoman. Discover Airelle Besson’s portrait to know about her and her career.

Radio One Quartet, airy playing and colourful journey  

Artist in residence at the Jazz Sous les Pommiers festival from 2014 to 2017, Airelle Besson developed her project with the quartet "Radio One". Accompanied by the airy-voiced Swedish singer Isabel Sörling, by Benjamin Moussay at the keyboards (Rhodes and piano) and Fabrice Moreaux at the drums, she offers a melodic journey full of emotion in this album. Magic truly happens between the trumpeter and her sidekicks’ ethereal playing. 

Listen to Radio One Quartet’s performance at the Philharmonie de Paris

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From duet to trio to quartet

Airelle Besson is not short of inspiration in her compositions and likes to vary the formats: from duet to quartet or even orchestra, she multiplies projects with some of the jazz scene’s most promising musicians. 

Alongside globetrotting cellist Vincent Ségal, she combines the strings she loves with winds - the trumpeter was actually a violinist at first - for an ideal duet. Both alternate between their own compositions and flamboyant covers

Airelle Besson combines her trumpet with the sensitive sounds of Lionel Suarez’s accordion. The artists demonstrate a very natural simplicity much appreciated by the audience, and their virtuosity offers a moving musical experience. 

Discover Lionel Suarez's project with Airelle Besson

Airelle Besson, Vincent Segal and Lionel Suarez, accompanied by percussionist Minino Garay, form the Quarteto Gardel. Mr. Suarez brings together an outstanding group on an album based on the world of tango singer Carlos Gardel. The Quarteto Gardel breaks the mould by offering raw, streamlined, singular tango without the usual instruments (violin voice, guitar and piano).  

she multiplies projects with some of the jazz scene’s most promising musicians.

Sponsor of the 10th anniversary of the Orchestre à l'Ecole  

The organization Orchestre à l'École aims to support school orchestras and promote the development of this system throughout the country.

In May 2018, the organization celebrated its 10 years anniversary on the Olympia’s stage, inviting 150 schoolchildren from the Mayenne class orchestras, who performed on stage with Ms. Besson, Mr. Suarez and Guillaume Perret

Photo ©Sylvain Gripoix

Photo Header ©Patrick Zachmann / Magnum Photos

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